Wednesday, June 06, 2007

2 New Records!!

Monday I ran my longest distance yet: 11.5 KM! I took it nice and slow at an average pace of 6:22/KM so it took about an hour and 13 minutes.

Yesterday I ran my fastest 5 KM ever in 27 minutes!! Average pace of 5:24/KM.

I am feeling pretty confident and eager to gradually increase my distance each week til I hit the 21.2 KM half-marathon distance. Exciting!

I also had my physio follow-up yesterday. My PT think my quad is a smidge stronger, but my knee cap is still pretty out of whack. She poked, prodded and wiggled it around for 15 minutes to hopefully trigger the muscles that will help it settle back in place. I have three new exercises (squats and stairs - ugggg!) to really activate that quad muscle. Here's hoping this works. In the mean time, I am still not in any pain (knock on wood!) so I consider myself lucky that I can keep on running.

Thanks for reading!

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leslie @ definitely not martha said...

Good job on the long run Marlene! You're so inspiring. I'm still working my way up to actually getting OUT for a run. Now that the hockey season is over, I should be able to get Brad to train with me, so hopefully I will get out.

Keep up your awesome work!!!!!!!