Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some bullets, some crazy 8's and a little announcement

• Thanks for all the comments on my half marathon; I’m stoked about the PR but can’t help wondering if I can beat it on the 10th at Mississauga...

• More thanks for the concern over my little frostbite incident. I’m happy to report that it’s a lot better now – still pink and warm to the touch, but not stinging much and it didn’t blister. Phew!

• Logged a 5.5K recovery run yesterday to work out the kinks – legs felt pretty good.

• 9.6K tonight at the park where I did most of my long runs last summer.

• Bugs were out in full force – I swallowed a huge mouthful in the first 100m and by the time I finished I had little black specks all over my face. Ew.

• The weather has been seriously awesome. Love it! It's about time.

• Sporting Life 10K coming up this weekend - 13000 runners barrelling down Yonge Street. Can't wait!

• I don't have an official goal, except that I'd like to beat last year's 49:10; we'll see if I have it in me. When I'm running all these back-to-back races, I know I shouldn't be racing all of them.


Last week Amanda and Heather tagged me (thanks!) for Crazy 8's, so here's some more random info about ME:

8 things to which I'm looking forward
1. a bubble bath and book before bed tonight
2. Dinner with friends on Friday
3. SL10K Sunday
4. New Moon the movie
5. marathon training this summer
6. Hubby's first marathon (November)
7. Christmas in Cuba
8. Walt Disney World and the Goofy Challenge in January '10

8 things I did yesterday
1. grocery shopping on my lunch break
2. started planning our Canada Day BBQ
3. went for a run
4. ate half a tub of hummus (yum)
5. washed the kitchen floor
6. watched The Biggest Loser
7. put away the winter running stuff
8. registered for the Ottawa Half Marathon (see below)

8 things I would like to do
1. take the summer off
2. travel the world
3. win the lottery (this would help with no. 1 and 2)
4. learn to play piano
5. paint our house
6. follow a meal plan every week
7. re-read the Twilight series
8. stop taking blood thinners (2 more weeks)

8 shows I watch
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Private Practice
3. Lost
4. The Biggest Loser
5. House
6. 24
7. Amazing Race
8. What Not To Wear

This thing has been going around for a while now, so I won't bother tagging 8 more people... but if you want to play along, please do!


So what's this I hear about the Ottawa Half Marathon? A group of friends from my running group are staying at someone's cottage for the weekend and I was offered free transportation and accommodations. At first I was just going to go along as part of the support crew, but the race addict inside me couldn't resist the opportunity for another half - especially at the National Capital Race Weekend. So I signed up! I've never even been to Ottawa, so this should be a fun way to see some of the city.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

glad you're feeling better! Congrats on signing up for Ottawa... racing machine! :) I've only seen a bit of Ottawa too, agree that a race would be a great way to see some of the sites! Maybe i'll see you sunday... in the sea of people lol

Felice Devine said...

Melanie's right -- you are a racing machine! Rock on!!!

joyRuN said...

Dang - you're booked on a whole lotta races! Sweet :)

Run Sarah said...

Glad you're recovering nicely! Sporting for Life sounds fun, hopefully you'll be able to catch up with some of the other WBers!

Anonymous said...

Glad your frostbite is getting better...mine is still peeling and itching. OOOOOPS.

Jess said...

"Christmas in Cuba"? That sounds like a Ricky Ricardo holiday album!

Anonymous said...

You, race addicted, don't believe that!!!!

Mark said...

Way to go on the Half PR!!! You ran well!

Laura said...

Holy Races!
Me and a bunch of people from our group are doing to Ottawa as well. Can't wait.

J said...

I love all this spontaneous signing up for races! You are a racing machine!!

Road Warrior said...

FYI. Bugs are an excellent source of protein!

Heather said...

You've got a lot of races on the schedule - how fun! I swallowed a ton of gnats during my run Tuesday night. And then coughed them up all over my babysitter when I got home. She loved it.

Lindsay said...

i'd have the same problem with not-racing the races. good luck with that! :)

loved your lists and ottawa sounds like a great addition to the schedule!

Unknown said...

You are the Half Marathon Queen! The bugs here are terrible too, yuck. Good luck on your 10K this weekend!!

Denise said...

Hopefully you got some good protein w/ the mouthful of bugs.

Brian said...

Cant wait to hear about the Goofy Challenge..... and you winnign the lotto :)

X-Country2 said...

Ewww, BUGS?! I'd have gone home after the first one. :o)

yumke said...

Good luck Sunday. And since I'm a runner, (and digital guy at the national post) i talked us into doing finish line video..

see it here

No Longer Using said...

ew i hate bugs while running!!!! esp the surprise clusters... bam right in the face. oooh biggest loser and what not to wear :) those are both in my top 13... yes... i counted how many tv shows i watch the other day... (shh). heh. HEY we have same race days again!!!! cheers to oct 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toni said...

Great job on your race! That's an awesome time, especially with all the hills.

JenZen said...

Love the 8s! Too fun!

Marci said...

You will love Ottawa. I had no idea you were still on blood thinners. You are amazing, imagine when you stop taking them?

Unknown said...

I hate when I swallow bugs. Those buggers are so very annoying!