Monday, April 23, 2007

Here goes nothing!

Well, I *think* my knee is better. I was running around playing softball all weekend and didn't even feel a twinge, I can run up the stairs again and I can bend it like Beckham!

So tonight we are going for a run. We're going to take it super easy and go nice and slow (and no hills). Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Keep on keepin' on

I wasn't blogging for the last couple weeks, but don't worry, I was still running.

A brief recap:

We have been running almost every day - usually 7.5 KM, sometimes 5 KM with the killer hills. I ran my longest distance last Saturday - 10 KM!!! We did it in 60:30, which is not bad at all. I was hoping to achieve 12 KM over Easter weekend, but an injury stopped me dead in my tracks. :(

We went for a run on a walk/bike path that follows the Humber River from Mulock past Green Lane. Unfortunately, I did something brutal to my knee. I didn't notice until we stopped running, but I was suddenly in a lot of pain. It wore off after a few hours, but I took the next two days off just to be safe.

Monday we went out again and did 6 KM or so and my knee was okay. Tuesday night we went out and after about 4 KM my knee was SHOT. I had to limp home and was not able to bend my knee without excrutiating pain for the next 24 hours. It's feeling a lot better today and I am only having trouble with stairs, but it looks like I will be taking at least a week off. Here's hoping it heals fully and quickly!