Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I ran outside!!

So I really wanted to go for a run yesterday (after 8 days off!!! yikes!) but I was apprehensive about going to the gym because I'm not sure how the other ladies would feel about me coughing all over them... yuck. Well, we had a beautiful day here yesterday so I tagged along with Mark and ran outside for the first time. We took a 5 KM route, a lot of which was uphill, and it took about 33 minutes. It felt AMAZING. I have to admit, running outside is much tougher than the treadmill! I felt muscles in my legs that I didn't know I had. Other than tons of puddles, it was awesome and I can't wait to run outdoors again. It felt so good to run again!!

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Lor said...

Yay! So you're scoping out running areas in Aurora/Newmarket for me?

I also ran outside yesterday for the first time in over a year, pushing Sofie and the crazy jogging stroller. I back at the doing the 2 min run then 2 min walk stage, but it felt good! And damn it was hard!