Saturday, December 01, 2007

Santa Shuffle report

We woke up this morning to -12C, feeling like -18 with the wind chill. Naturally, the race has to fall on the coldest day so far! We knew we'd be okay once we got going, but we froze half to death while waiting around for half an hour before hand. Brrrrrr! We were thankful that the sun was shining.

As anticipated, we warmed up as soon as we started running. But for once, I wasn't too warm by the end of the run. I took my mittens off as usual (my hands always end up way too hot) but other than that, I was dressed just right. We ran with a friend of mine from work (Patricia) and her husband (Ueli) and we all had a really good time. My hubby and Patricia took off for the last KM and Ueli and I stayed together. We didn't have enough juice to sprint! We still finished under 30 minutes: 29:57 to be exact. The course was actually slightly longer than 5K so I am pleased with that. Mark and Patricia finished about 45 seconds faster.

It was pretty funny going from the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon in September to this... we went from thousands of runners, thousands of spectators, live bands, an extravagant start and finish line... to a cardboard sign that said "Start/Finish" nailed to a tree. Definitely a "fun run".

A good time was had by all, but boy am I glad to be warm and cozy in the house right now! Definitely going to do this one again next year.

Here's Mark and I with Santa after the race.

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IMama said...

We enjoyed the run, too! We wouldn't have gone without the two of you! AND I am still waiting to see you in the Elf costume :)