Thursday, December 06, 2007

This is not good

I am experiencing a lot of pain with my bad knee this morning. A lot! It hurts like hell walking down the stairs and doesn't feel too great even when I'm just walking around.

It has never healed properly from the injury but fortunately has not caused me any pain since the spring. It has, however, continued to "grind", which is how I know my knee cap is still out of place. I had exercises from a PT to strengthen my quad and help nudge it back to place, which I did faithfully for a while. But when I wasn't noticing a difference, I just stopped. I (stupidly) didn't bother going back to physio since it wasn't bothering me.

And now of course it's acting up again! The rugged, wintery terrain has probably aggravated it. So back to physio I go, and hopefully the pain doesn't last too long. Argh....

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