Thursday, August 07, 2008

3 Miler

That's just for you, Jess. ;)

Once again, I didn't really feel like running at all yesterday. I had an ugly headache, but decided to avoid the pain-killers, hoping that maybe a run would actually help. I was sadly mistaken; the entire time, it felt like there was a walnut stuck in my forehead.

Apparently I just wanted to get it over with, because it ended up being my fastest run since the race on July 5th. I finished the 5K <27 minutes with a pace of 5:21/KM.

I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning, determined to get my run in before work since I'm going to see BACKSTREET BOYS (yes, it's true) with my sister-in-law tonight and won't be home til late. Wellll, that didn't happen. I rolled over and went back to sleep instead, so now I have to run my 8K lunch. I actually enjoy running at lunch, except the part about not being able to shower afterwards. And today is extra special because I'll be going out after work without having had the opportunity to shower. Ick, I know. The price I pay for that extra hour of sleep; or should I say the price my co-workers and sister-in-law will pay. ;) At least I brought deoderant!

I considered skipping today's run, but I know I won't have the opportunity to make it up and I really want to hit 60K this week.


Melanie said...

sounds like a great run yesterday! have fun tonight!

Lily on the Road said...

Oh My GOSH, I can't believe I haven't dropped by for a visit earlier...where does the time go...well here I go catching up!

You are doing AWESOME!!!

good for you! as for the walnut stuck to your forehead, now that's the funniest line I've ever heard!!

Have fun on the Virtual 8 mile run....bring Canadian Olympic spirit to it!!!

I know you'll rock whatever you do!!!

Marci said...

Hope you enjoy the concert. I am doing the virtual race, although likely not until Sat. Should be fun. Good luck!