Saturday, August 23, 2008


It seems I was still in vacation mode yesterday and didn't get out for a long-ish run as I had planned. Time to be accountable and report on my runs over the past week or so and map out a plan for the coming week.

This week:
Monday: off
Tuesday: 4.07K
Wednesday: 3.96K
Thursday: 3.66K
Friday: off
Saturday: 9.58K (done...though it took some convincing!)
Sunday: 33K

I slept too late and didn't feel like heading out in the heat today, but having not run >5K in 10 days, I knew I had to get out there so my legs don't shut down on me WAY too early tomorrow. I'm a little uneasy about tackling the 33K because of the relaxed week I've had and because of completely skipping a long run last Sunday. Hopefully the rest will have done my body good, or I could be in for a very difficult morning.

Plan for the coming week:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5K recovery run
Wednesday: 14K
Thursday: softball
Friday: 12K
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 36K

Or something like that...

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Marci said...

You are almost there, sometimes a little break is good. I loved your vacation pictures, thanks for sharing!