Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Again, long time, no update. Sorry!

I finally went to physio and figured out what has been wrong with my knee all this time. As it turns out, my patella (knee cap) is out of place. I have very weak quad muscles in my left leg and the weakness allowed for too much pressure on the knee cap, knocking it out of place. The problem has more than likely always been there, but I must have twisted my knee way back when the injury started (trail run, Good Friday), and my quad was not strong enough to support my knee cap properly.

The good news is, my joints are all fine and this is very easily treatable. And since I have no pain, I am allowed to continue running. I have strengthening exercises to work on, and we hope to see results within a few weeks. Once I strengthen the quad muscle, my knee cap should settle back where it belongs and that awful grinding and pressure will cease.

Recent runs... let's see... we did 5 KM Saturday morning, 7.5 Monday morning (and then walked around the zoo all afternoon!) and only managed 2.5 KM yesterday (my legs were fried from Monday).

I need to get my distance back up to 10... hopefully this weekend.

Thanks for reading!

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