Wednesday, June 13, 2007

13 KM !!

Am I ever sore this morning! Last night I increased my distance by another 1.5 KM and did 13. I took it slow and steady at an average pace of 6:30/KM so it took me about an hour and 24 minutes. I don't know what I was daydreaming about as I ran, but the time flew by. I could not believe I'd been out so long... well, except for my throbbing hamstrings and numb ass!

I'll get in a few shorter, faster runs this week and hopefully add another 1.5 KM or so to my next long run on Monday.

In other news.... I WON A 7-DAY TRIP TO LONDON, ENGLAND TO SEE BON JOVI AT THE BRAND NEW 02 ARENA IN THE MILENNIUM DOME!!! Mom and I leave next Thursday, June 21st. :)


Anonymous said...

Make sure you take your Mom running at Hyde Park whilst you are over there!

Keep on running!

Christy said...

WOW, 13km! That is incredible, keep it up. Your half marathon is going to be a breeze.

Enjoy your trip!