Tuesday, September 04, 2007

26 days til race day...

I'm still alive!! We ended up doing a mere 17 KM last Thursday instead of the planned 18 and it was damn hard. I (reluctantly) made Dave stop and walk a couple times, but we still finished in 2 hours, including stop lights and two bathroom/water stops so I don't feel bad about that. I was freaking sore and tired as you know what after the run, but felt good in the morning.

Mark and I ran just shy of 10 KM Sunday morning along the lake downtown and that was it for running this weekend, unless you count running around the bases during our baseball game Sunday afternoon. ;)

We splurged on some new Running Room gear over the weekend... a cute top for me to match my skort (more on that in a sec), shorts for Mark, Body Glide anti-chafing gel, a Fuel Belt for me, E-Load Heat Endurance Formula, and a few Power Bar Gels. Thank goodness for the 20% off coupons!

About the new top... I won't go into too much detail but let's just say that I made a bad judgement call by putting too much faith in the built-in bra Sunday morning and gave the Torontonians on the board walk quite a show! I'll be wearing a sports bra underneath from now on. Oops.

Tonight's plan is a nice 16 KM... we'll see how it goes!!

In other news, massive kudos to our buddy Dave who completed the Oakville 1/2 Marathon yesterday in a killer 2 hours and 1 minute... talk about setting the standards high for September 30th. ;) Good job, Dave!!

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