Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday run in bullets

  • Snowed overnight.
  • Still snowing in the morning.
  • -12 degrees Celsius
  • How many layers?
  • Paula showed up at 8.
  • Hubby stayed in bed.
  • (What a wuss.)
  • Just kidding.
  • "Wow, we're moving pretty slowly."
  • Sidewalks not cleared.
  • Snow stinging my eyes.
  • Wish I had my sunglasses.
  • "Are we there yet?"
  • At least it's not windy.
  • Running in the middle of the road, trying to find some traction.
  • "That cop is slowing down. Is he going to offer us a ride, or tell us to get the hell off the road?"
  • Neither.
  • "Flag down that bus!"
  • Just kept moving.
  • Frosted eyelashes.
  • Soggy feet.
  • Chocolate Gu, thick and partially frozen.
  • Another hill!
  • Some crazy punks screamed Are you f'ing f'd? out the window. (no comment)
  • Probably on their way home from last night's party.
  • "Whose idea was this anyway?"
  • Water is completely frozen.
  • Handful of snow.
  • Watch for the yellow stuff.
  • It's still snowing.
  • "Are we even moving?"
  • Wrong turn.
  • Forced to take the sidewalk on a busy road.
  • But wait... what sidewalk?
  • Trudging throw snow drifts, uphill.
  • "Are you sure we're moving?"
  • Stopped snowing at some point.
  • Home stretch.
  • Hallelujah.
  • 24.61 KM
  • 2:40:02
  • Average pace 6:30/km
  • Slowest. Run. Ever.
  • 2730 calories.
  • How many Hershey kisses is that?


Marky Mark said...

Now THAT's impressive!

(Sent from my BlackBerry while lying on the beach recovering from a slow 10K in the heat. I guess we really only are meant to run in a fairly narrow temperature band!

These blogs so serve a purpose though-I'm sure the thought of this entry (and it being there for posterity) helped you through it!

When you do your next big race think back to today as this is what races are made of.

TNTcoach Ken said...

R U crazy? Cross-training today by blowing snow into my neighbors driveway!

Anonymous said...

You are hard core for sure. I hate when people scream out the windows. It is so annoying. Great job on the run.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

LOL great post! Snow is falling even heavier now, so good on you for getting out earlier! Enjoy the rest of your day! :D

Lily on the Road said...

Wow, you are hard core girl...

hahaha at,, that is where the snow in my driveway is from!! LMAO...

good job (I think)

Road Warrior said...

What a great run report! You're such a rock star.

For the record, it equals as many Hershey Kisses as you want. You deserve them!

Unknown said...

Great run report. I think you're a tad bit crazy for running in that, but aren't we all!

Denise said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe you did that! Great job.

Unknown said...

Way to go, great post! Enjoy those hershey kisses

J said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! 24KM in those conditions! You deserve a medal! Where I am now there is the most snow I have ever seen in a two day period and I would not even imagine heading out into the wind! Great job, who cares if you went slow! Enjoy the food!

Marci said...

This post is hilarious. You did great to tough through that. I totally whimped out. Well done!

Zorbs said...

2 questions:

don't you have to shovel? I have to help shovel before I go for a run. Shovelling afterwards would be torture.

what are you going do about my 7:30 pace? we probably shouldn't run together after all.

Laura said...

Craziness...good for you. We had to cancel as there was just no safe way for us to run - no sidewalks cleared and no way we are running on the roads with Burlington drivers.

Lindsay said...

i think you earned a trip to the all-you-can-eat hershey kisses bar. i definitely would not have been out running in that! i probably might not have even gotten out of bed...

glad there were no slips and falls, and hope you enjoyed the rest of the snow day, inside! :)

Brian said...

Hah, loved the format of this post, we had a lot in common today! :

* Snowed overnight.
* Still snowing in the morning.
* How many layers?
* Sidewalks not cleared.
* Snow stinging my eyes.
* Wish I had my sunglasses.
* "Are we there yet?"
* At least it's not windy.
* Running in the middle of the road, trying to find some traction.
* "That cop is slowing down. Is he going to offer us a ride, or tell us to get the hell off the road?"
* Just kept moving.
* Frosted eyelashes.

You must be siked you went out though!

Jess said...

That IS impressive!!

Steve Stenzel said...

HA! I love it! Hubbys ARE wusses. It's in our nature...


And I'm glad someone else noticed the grease rings in that photo on my blog! Congrats! HA!

catchmeif youcan said...

Being your partner in crime today I can honestly say that you/we rock! And I fully appreciated everyone of those comments. You forgot to mention the delerium,silliness and giggles that set in from being out there so freaking long. I don't think either of us would have stuck it out without the other. Thankyou!
One other silliness highlight for me occurred during my pee break where I thought I was severely dehydrated until I realized the color of my pee was actually from the yellow painted line in the parking lot!!!! Told you we were delerious (okay I was)

joyRuN said...

Good grief! I think you burned quite a few extra hundred calories just thawing out - go for the hershey's kisses!

Runner Leana said...

Congrats on getting out there in the snow! Wow, I keep reading about everyone out running in the cold and snow and I feel like such a wuss...!!

Run Mommy said...

That is insane! I was totally impressed. I didn't even attempt such insanity and went straight for the indoor track. Very impressive stuff! Not to mention, your slowest run ever is just about my regular place so you should be very happy! :)

Alexandra said...

You Go Girl! Good work on not letting the conditions stop you in your tracks! Your post is like a whole list of explicits! I enjoyed reading it!

tfh said...



You're tough. Reading your post is TOUGHENING me up!

I want to be f'ing f'd too. ;) In the good running sort of way.

Heather said...

That's a lot of Hershey's kisses! Way to get out there!

littlesack said...

Too funny! Good for you for braving the weather!!

Unknown said...

That was great! 2700+ calories! Gotta love that.

JenZen said...

OH....MY...GOD...that just sounds miserable. I would completely die in those conditions. You are a totally ROCK GOD for drudging through that run. AWESOME!

X-Country2 said...

Ha! I love it. Very impressive. I ran this weekend in the middle of the street too. No other options people!

(Well except a tredmill but what's the fun in that?)

Aron said...

i seriously dont know how you run in the snow!!! GAH - you are so hard core :)

BeachRunner said...

You rock. :)

Nitmos said...

You have more intestinal fortitude than I. Heck, you have more fortitude - intestinal or otherwise - than I. Nice job.

Happy holidays!