Friday, September 04, 2009

TGIF and all kinds of good stuff!

Nuun Winner

First and foremost, the winner of my Nuun Giveaway -- selected at random -- is:

Heather at Junk Miles

Big thanks to Nuun for sending enough product that I could try it out and give some away too. If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you check it out. This is good stuff.

Yasso 800s

We had 8 x 800 Yasso repeats on the schedule last night. We didn't hit the track this time, but used a quiet residential loop where we measured out the distance and used a fire hydrant as the 400m marker and a mailbox as the 800m marker. We had a 200m recovery jog between each repeat.

Goal: 4:00 per 800.

Here's how they went down:

4:02 - okay, warming up
4:07 - uhhh, way too slow
3:49 - alright, made up for that last one
3:52 - half way there, feeling good
3:39 - who knew I could run this fast?
3:36 - where did that come from?
3:40 - suffering for the last one, but hanging on
3:30 - SAY WHAT?!

Average: 3:46 per 800

I felt fantastic! Okay, I felt a little barftastic towards the end of that last one, but what a rush to see 3:30 on my watch.

Olympic Torch Relay

Yesterday I was thrilled to find out that my baby (18) sister was selected as a Torch Bearer when the Olympic Torch Relay passes through Barrie, Ontario (just north of us) on December 30th. She entered a contest through Coca Cola and SOGO Active, where she shared her fundraising involvement for Run4Rett and her goal of running a 5K. How cool is that?

Have a great long weekend!


RunningLaur said...

1. Wow, speedy yasso's! Your marathon redemption's looking good!

2. Olympic torch bearer?!?!! Coolest thing ever!!

Anonymous said...

Great job on your yasso's!

And congrats to your sister!

Anonymous said...

Great job on your yasso's!

And congrats to your sister!

Felice Devine said...

Awesome, awesome job on the yassos! I had such a terrible time with my 800s yesterday (didn't complete them) and now I'm inspired by yours!

Lindsay said...

dang it. my name isn't even visible on that screen! i'm a loser :(

niiiice job on the 800s! tearing it up! i am sure that was quite the confidence boost :)

congrats to your sister!! SOOO COOL!

Anonymous said...

So awesome for your sister!
That is incredible- I saw the Brampton torchbearer on the news yesterday morning... Your sister is going to be a celeb!
You are pulling some awesome runs again- smokin'!
Have a great long weekend!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

GREAT work....speedy.. I LOVE those days when everything connects and you feel FAST.

Amazing for your sister, what a blessing.

Have a great long weekend.. Hey do you have a LONG one or are you on taper now?

No Longer Using said...

hey HEYYYyyy! yasso 800s repreSENT! way to go! ending fast, too, that's always great. so you guys only do 200 m recovery?????????????? wow! i do a full 400 and boy do i take advantage of that. hmm... is it supposed to be 200? i could've sworn he said 400. gotta go do some research. i don't want to be slacking!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Hey, are you sure that was the right mailbox? So now the bar has been raised with those times. Tell your sister to keep the torch away from her hair.

Anonymous said...

haha Love the commentary - as usual. you kicked that last one's a$$- awesome!! ;)

and WOW - CONGRATS to your sis, that is so cool!!!

Jamie said...

Freaking fantastic job on those Yasso's!!!

And congrats to your sister. That will be a very cool experience I'm sure!

AZ said...

Wow, great work on running the 800's. In better shape than you think? A job well done on a tough workout.

Irish Cream said...

Awesome job on those Yassos! Hooray for proof that you are SO ready for marathon redemption! :)

Also, congrats to your sis! That will definitely be one of the coolest experiences ever!

Have a great weekend!! :)

Nitmos said...

Wow, only a 200m recovery for those 800's?! I need every step of the 400m's and secretly wish I could do 600m recoveries.

Congrats to the sis.

Stephanie Nichole said...

No NUUN??? I thought I paid you off better than that? DARN IT! Oh well... great yassos! And that's awesome on your sister!

B.o.B. said...

Ok, so you are super duper speedy! Vroooom! (Heh, sorry had to type that.)

Tell your sister congrats that is just awesome!

Have a great weekend. And thanks for the support on my bike riding!

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

I got really excited for a second, I'm not going to lie, LOL! Alas, I have already won my nuun (from Mel's blog!) and must share the nun love, haha!

Cindy said...

great yasso's, girl! i totally want to barf after mine too. sometimes a little dry heave during as well.

congrats to your sis!

Aron said...

AMAZING intervals!!!! seeeee you are totally going to kill it :)

so awesome about your sis!!!

Megan L. Killian said...

Wow, Great job with those negative splits! I am so excited for you. It is also cool that your sister will be in the Torch Relay. I remember when the Olympics were in Atlanta and the torch came through my hometown, on Telegraph Highway. I was 12.

J said...

Way to go! Its good you let your body warm up - that way you rocked the last ones! I am so jealous of your sister! I so want to go to the olympics games in 2010!

J said...
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Unknown said...

Happy Friday!! Congrats to your sister, that's awesome about the Olympic torch, wow!!

Erika said...

Great job on the Yasso's!

So very cool about your sister!

MCM mama

EndorphinBuzz said...

You totally killed that workout! Does this mean a 3h46m marathon finish??

I hope they are not done drawing names for the torch, I want to bear it too :)

Toni said...

Great job on the 800s!

Very cool your sister will be carry the torch!

Nicole said...

How awesome...about the Yasso's and your sister carrying the Olympic torch!! Thanks so much for all your words of wisdom and encouragement. GL on your LR this weekend and then enjoy your taper!

joyRuN said...

NICE Yasso's! Doesn't that mean a 3:46 marathon?

Congrats to your little sis :D

Kelly said...

That is SOOOOOO cool to be a torch bearer!!! It will be so cool to go up and see her!

macnic said...

Major congrats to your sister! What a great thrill! Nice running too. Man, you're FAST.

X-Country2 said...

Look at you with the speedy 800s! Great work!!

Denise said...

Wow...great speed!! You nailed them!

So cool about your sister. What an experience that will be.

Katie said...

WOW, how cool for your sister?! Take photos and share!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

ooooh, so close in the giveaway, lol. There was a MEC store across the street from where I had been working this week, so I managed to hold out not going in (and spending way too much money all week, but ventured in yesterday and found some nuun there! Yay, now I can try it!

Awesome news about your sis! That would be so fun! Good luck on your 37k tomorrow :)

Jess said...

Dangit, I never win! Congrats to Heather!

Mark said...

You know the Yassos you did say you can run a sub 4hr marathon?! Those are great plus your recovery time was short! Good going!