Thursday, November 30, 2006


Quizno's was a success. As much as I wanted to take a huge bite out of Mark's Carbonara sub, I devoured my Turkey, Ranch & Swiss salad and it was actually pretty good. The Diet Coke I had with it was the best part, however. I used to have at least one a day and lots more on weekends, but I have only had two since starting the Diet. It was a nice treat!

So guess what!! I'm eating BERRIES!!!

Today is day 1 of phase 2. I started off the same as every day with quiche cups, tomatoes & cucumbers and green tea. I didn't bring any fruit with me and I really, really wanted some so I asked a co-worked to drive me across the street to the grocery store. (I would have walked, but it's pouring!) I picked up some fat-free, no-sugar-added yogourt and a pint of big, juicy raspberries. I mixed about 10 berries in a cup of yogourt and it was delicious! I'm about to wash it down with a big salad.

Tonight we are moving right after work so I won't really have time to eat dinner until super late. I packed 2 extra quiche cups, turkey slices and a cheesestring for this afternoon, so hopefully that will keep the hunger at bay.

I may not be online for a few days, but I promise to stay on track!

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