Friday, January 12, 2007

This week I started tracking my nutrition on This website kicks ass. It's super easy to enter foods from their master list of a gazillion thousand items OR to add custom items. First, I established a goal to weigh 160 by May 12th (Leanna’s wedding! Yay!) Based on my weight, height, activity level and goal, the program assigned me a number of calories, carbs, fat and protein to consume daily in order to achieve the goal.

Here’s what I’m supposed to have:

1340-1692 calories
30-66 g fat
151-275 g carbohydrates (25-35 being dietary fibre)
34-148 g protein

It should work out to approximately 55% carbs, 30% fat and 15% protein.

Here is how my week has been:

Tue.: 1174 cal – 69 carb (23%)– 66 fat (50%)– 81 protein(27%)
Wed.: 2687 cal – 306 carb (44%) – 125 fat (40%) – 109 protein (16%)
Thu.: 988 cal – 30 carb (14%)– 52 fat(49%)– 89 protein(38%)
Fri.: 917 cal – 45 carb (21%)– 47 fat (38%)– 69 protein (41%) ~ assuming I stick to the plan today! So far, so good.

(Yeah, I know, that was a LOT of numbers.)

As you can see, I’m generally not having enough calories (except for Binge Wednesday) and my carb-fat-protein ratios are completely out of whack. 50% fat is outrageous, but it is obviously because of the lack of carbs on SB P1 and not necessarily that I am having too much fat. I’m just not balancing it all out.

I’m hoping to stabilize the numbers once I have graduated to Phase 2. The first couple weeks will still be all over the place as I gradually bring fruits and grains back into my diet, but after that, I’m really going to try to follow’s numbers. It’s a pretty neat system.

So, as you can see above, I didn’t eat much yesterday, which led to a severe lack of energy and therefore, an evening on the couch instead of at the gym. Today will probably be the same. I’m still feeling guilty about Wednesday and over-compensating by starving! Plus, we’re low on groceries and I don’t feel like shopping tonight. :)

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