Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some more motivation

Another positive email this morning...

This is it! Race week. If you are nervous about racing the race you are feeling very normal emotions. It means you respect the distance and are excited about participating in the race.

Take a few minutes and reflect on all the training sessions you did this season. You are very well prepared. Now it comes down to resting, fueling and thinking your way through this week. The training you are doing this week is to merely keep your legs loose rather than training for the race. Your sessions should be short and light in intensity. You want to rest your body for race day. That way, you will show up anxious and ready to go on race day.


And finally, enjoy the journey on race day. Go with what the day brings. It could be warm or cold, rainy or windy. Or it could be perfect weather. Don't let the things you can't control affect your day. If you come to challenging parts of the race, think your way through. Just as life rolls through hard and easy days so will the race.

At the tough times, set a shorter goal to run or walk to a light poll or something closer to you than the finish. Set a series of shorter finish lines. Keep your head in the game as it controls your body and you'll get to the finish line! This tough time will pass and soon you will have a medal hanging around your neck.

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