Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting technical

All these numbers are whirling around in my brain!

My hubby has had his nose buried in The Lore of Running since he got it for his Birhtday last weekend.

Author Tim Noakes blends the expertise of a physician and research scientist with the passion of a dedicated runner to answer the most pressing questions for those who are serious about the sport:
· How your body systems respond to training, the effects of different training methods, how to detect and avoid overtraining, and genetic versus trainable potential
· How to train for the 10K up through ultramarathon with detailed programs from Noakes and several leading running experts
· How to prevent and treat injuries, increase your strength and flexibility, and use proper nutrition for weight control and maximum performance

It's far too technical to keep my interest, but it's right up his alley.

Speaking of technical...

Hubby did some calculations for me using the McMillan Method and apparently, in order to run a half marathon in 2:00:00...

I should be able to run:
5k in 25:58 (pace of 5:12min/km)
10k in 53:56 (pace of 5:23min/km)
21.1k in 2:00:00 (pace of 5:42min/km)

Who knows how accurate it is, but at least it gives me an idea. As of now, the fastest 5k I have run is 27:00 and the fastest 10k I have run is 1:00:00, so I have some work to do. I have never done speed training before, but I'm looking forward to the challenge!

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