Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Monday!

Yesterday was a chilly one! The run started out okay, hovering just below zero, but it was actually getting COLDER as the morning went on. By about 10K, it felt like -20 with the windchill. We were absolutely freezing, trudging along icey sidewalks, avoiding open areas because it was SO windy and just trying to keep as little of our skin exposed as possible. It was definitely tough, but we finished the 18 (a little more, actually!) under 2 hours and it felt pretty good in the end.


Last week:

Monday: rest - check!
Tuesday: 8K with clinic - check!
Wednesday: I actully have no idea what my clinic is doing, but I imagine 10? - we had a blizzard and just did <5K...hey, at least I got out there!
Thursday: X-train - ran 5K to make up for Wednesday, and did weights
Friday: rest - ran another my new neighbourhood! :)
Saturday: 6K - rested
Sunday: LSD 18 - CHECK!

Total: 41K

Plan for this week:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 8K
Wednesday: 10K...maybe hills?
Thursday: X-train
Friday: 5K
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 20K LSD but we may go up north for the long weekend and the long run will be cut short and re-scheduled

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