Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wardrobe malfunction

I thought I had finally found THE outfit...but quickly learned why it's a good idea to do a test-run.

I picked up a black and teal Running Room skort and black MPG tank...unfortunately, the little shorts under the skirt are too tight and too short (next size up is too big). They were digging in and riding up by the end of a 5K run - not something I want to deal with for 4+ hours!

(Don't mind the crappy self-portrait-mirror shot.)

Too bad, 'cause I thought it was pretty cute.

I toyed with the idea of wearing my usual black tight shorts UNDER the skort, but I'm thinking that will just be way too much material for comfort. And in the unfortunate event that I have to pee, I don't want to have an extra layer of sticky fabric to contend with.

Looks like I'll be sticking to my tried, tested and true Running Room shorts. Problem is, I really like the black top...but I don't want to be all in black! What's a girl to do?

Since I've decided not to wear my fuel belt (the thing drives me MAD!), I came up with a contraption for carrying gels, tissue, tylenol and whatever else I think I may need. I picked up a bib number belt and a pouch to attach on the back.

I decided to take this for a test drive as well and stuffed the pouch with 4 gels to simulate what it will actually feel like. Well, I think my lower back is bruised from the thing banging up and down through the entire run. I'm going to try attaching a second pouch to divide the weight and hopefully that'll do the trick.

Not much to report in running news. Went for a nice 4.22K (yes, I chose to stop precisely at that distance on purpose) at 5:35 pace yesterday evening and a 5K with the hubby this morning at 5:39 pace. Legs are feeling good and enjoying the taper.

Have a great weekend!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

good idea taking it out for a test run before hand... 8 more sleeps! I'm getting so excited for you :)

Jess said...

You're smart to take the planned outfit for a test run.

Marcy said...

Ooooo that outfit is cute! I love me some BR shots LOL. Smart idea for running in it beforehand. Me? I always like to wing stuff and then up chaffed to death LOL

Marci said...

Cute skort! I just got my red polka dot skort today so I am test running tomorrow. Smart idea!
BTW - I e-mail Lily and asked to to forward the e-mail to you about the expo meet-up. I getting excited about meeting you guys!

Road Warrior said...

Nice move on not using your fuel belt. If you bring your gels, that should be enough. i'd recommend though that you bring more than 4. that's only one an hour and I've found that I need them every 30-45 minutes to keep my energy up.

As for the backpack, I had the problem of bouncing, too. I just ended up wearing it down further on my body and keeping it tight...

Hope this helps. You're getting there!

Aron said...

exactly why we do test runs :) maybe get the same shirt in a different color to go with the black shorts?? too bad the outfit didnt work, its very cute!