Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1

I've decided to start weekly training recaps this time around. I always enjoy reading Aron's and I think they will be both helpful and fun to look back on.

Monday - rest or xtrain

I decided to start off my first day back to work with a quick trip to the gym, putting in 30 minutes of cardio (stair-climber of death and elliptical). After work it was back to the gym for some more cardio and weights. I originally intended to take a spin class, but I knew I didn't have it in me.

Tuesday - 16K medium-long (2 runs) with 3x2000 cruise intervals (tempo pace with 40 second "recoveries")

Unfortunately I started feeling sick and took a forced rest day (definitely not how I wanted to start training). Luckily, I felt just fine the next day. Maybe my body just needed a little rest.

Wednesday - 10K easy

I meet with my group every Wednesday for an easy 10K. After skipping my run on Tuesday, I decided to add on a few miles before hand to make up some distance. My legs were pretty stiff after taking two days off, but felt better as I went. It turned out to be a decent run. I so love having the group to run with on these cold, dark winter evenings!

15.2 KM (9.4mi) - 1:26:41 - 5:42/KM (9:11/mi)

Thursday - 10K general

Lunch - I decided to make up for Tuesday's missed workout and set out over lunch for my cruise intervals. Cruise intervals are a type of threshold training where the workout is divided into 0.5-2 mile segments with very short (30-60 second) recoveries. As a result, the lactic acid levels remains almost constant (as in a standard tempo run) while reducing the stress level slightly. Personally, I find that the brief rests provide more of a mental than physical break. I will be incorporating cruise intervals occasionally in this training cycle, along with typical tempo runs.

The plan: 2.5K warm-up, 3 x 2000m at target tempo pace (4:50/KM) with 40s recoveries, 1.5K cool-down

The results:
4:37 4:49
40s recovery jog
4:41 4:39
40s recovery jog
4:39 4:42
Average tempo: 4:39.5/KM

I felt pretty good throughout, straddling the line between "comfortably tired" and "slightly uncomfortable". For the record, 40 seconds is not a "recovery". It's over in a flash and barely gives you a chance to re-group or lower the heart rate - I guess that's the whole point! :)

I was running through the streets, but found a pretty decent 3K loop behind my office without too much traffic, which worked perfectly. On my way back to the office, I realized that I had a good shot at finishing 10K under 50 minutes, so I can the cool-down more quickly than I should have (tsk tsk). I made it by a hair!

This workout gives me confidence that I should me able to nail my 4:50/KM goal for future steady tempo runs.

10.0KM (6.2mi) - 49:59 - 5:00/KM (8:03/mi)

Evening - I still had another run to complete for the day, in order to make up for the medium-long run(s) I had planned for Tuesday. Luckily our clinic group was meeting for a chat and a 10K, so this worked out perfectly.

It had been snowing all afternoon and the roads and sidewalks were a snowy, slippery, sloppy mess. I had been planning to run slowly and that turned out to be the only option! It was one of those runs where it felt as though we were sliding backwards as much as we were moving forward. It sure did a number on my muscles and I was absolutely zonked toward the end of the run. It felt like a slog, but I got it done with a little help from my friends.

10.7KM (6.6mi) - 1:04:58 - 6:04/KM (9:46/mi)

Friday - 8K recovery

Hubs has been drilling it into my head that I need to focus on slowing down my recovery runs, especially since I am increasing my mileage/training load and adding an extra run day per week. In the past we have noticed that I a running my so-called recoveries at around the same pace that he does - clearly there is something wrong with this picture since he is a lot faster than me. I am really going to work at slowing down on recovery days to prevent injury and keep my legs will be fresh for key runs.

On Friday I headed out at lunch for my first official recovery run and finished off right where I wanted to (I could afford to go even slower, actually). My legs were still feeling pretty tired so the slower pace came easily as I trudged over still-snowy sidewalks.

8.16KM (5.1mi) - 48:38 - 5:58/KM (9:35/mi)

Saturday - Bootcamp + 11K general

As I've done a few times now, I planned to set out for a run before class straight from the gym. When I woke up to even more snowfall and messier sidewalks, I decided to spare myself some fatigue and frustration by hitting the treadmill. For my "general" runs, I am not necessarily forcing a recovery pace - just running on feel and keeping it comfortable. The first few miles felt awful, as they always seem to on the treadmill. I tinkered with the speed to help pass the time, but resisted the urge to crank it up as I often do to keep things interesting.

11.0KM (6.85mi) - 1:04:19 - 5:50/KM (9:24/mi)

Saturday's Bootcamp (right after the run) was painful after missing two Saturdays due to Christmas and New Year's Day. The class always leaves me tired and sore, but I was really feeling it Sunday morning. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to continue taking this class the day before long runs, so I'll take it a week at a time for now. I love how fit and strong I feel when going regularly.

Sunday - 28K long

Sunday morning I did not want to get out of bed at all and after checking the weather (-10C/14F "feels like" -19C/2F) I was even less motivated to run. This is why it crucial to have the group to meet Sunday mornings. Hubs and I went early to run an extra 8K (group had 20 planned) and brought some extra clothes for a quick change in between. It was freeeeezing.

We took it nice and slow for the initial 8K before connecting with our respective pace groups. Despite sore muscles from Bootcamp, I actually felt really good during the run. There were a few good hills (there always are) and we ventured to an area where I rarely run, which was nice. The temperature wasn't that bad once we got going, except for the last 5K which was into an intense wind that had me chilled to the bone.

A few of the stronger runners in my group picked it up toward the end and I decided to give chase, trailing just behind all the way back. It felt great to pick it up and finish strong.

First 5K - 6:01/KM (9:41/mi) average pace
Last 5K - 5:12/KM (8:22/mi) average pace

28.0KM (17.4mi) - 2:37:33 - 5:37/KM (9:03/mi)

Week 1 Total:  83.1 KM (51.6mi)
Total time: 7:52:08
Average pace: 5:41/KM (9:09/mi)

Overall I'm really pleased with how this first week of official training went, especially since I started off with a sick day early in the week. I put in some good mileage, nailed my first workout, managed a bit of cross training and felt good on my long run at the end of the week.

On to Week. 2...

18 weeks to Mississauga Marathon!


TNTcoach Ken said...

That's too much stuff to read on a Monday............HA

Juliana said...

I agree with TNTcoach Ken. I think I got tired just reading what you were able to accomplish last week. If only I had your energy. Great work though on your speed work, it is shocking how fast you are getting. Just think I used to be just on your tail during speed work. There is no way I am catching up now. At least any time soon, all good though.

Lily on the Road said...

Hubs is correct, slower is better especially with long distances. LOL at Ken!!!

macnic said...

As always, you're amazing! 18 weeks, eh? Ekk! So exciting!

Laura said...

I got tired reading that...
No rest days in the overall plan?

Anonymous said...

Impressive! I don't think I could stick to a plan for 18 weeks - ha, I get too restless! 15 has been my Max so far :) Maybe that's something to consider for BQ-training though...

Jeff said...

Hi Marlene. I've been a regular reader since the goodlife marathon this past fall. I know it was a rough race for you but you were still a few minutes faster than me (4:15)!

I just want to thank you for sharing your stories, race reports, training details, and most importantly your incredible enthusiasm. I live nearby in Markham and have roughly comparable PBs so it's great to get your perspective on local races and training.

Keep up the great work and all the best to you!

Jeff Clark

No Longer Using said...

what a week! WOO!

J said...

Wow! That is a lot of miles girl! You did great considering the weather! Keep it up!

Runners Fuel said...

What a great week!

Hunnybee said...

Wow. Look at those miles. Can definitely tell you're gunning for a PB.

Jill said...

WOW, lots and lots of great miles!! :)
I agree with the hubs, good to slow the recovery run down, you will recover better! :)

Zoë said...

You rock, Marlene! Awesome week!

Tricia said...

great week!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love the detailed recap!

I keep trying to get my paces down but every time I think I have slowed up, ugh! I need to put tacks on that increase button on the treadmill or get back outside more. When will I practice what I preach?!

You are going to have a great 18 weeks!

ShutUpandRun said...

51 freaking miles!!!!!!!!

That marathon in 18 wks. should be very afraid of you. VERY.

Anonymous said...

I love your weekly update. Even though you were sick you killed it! Great job!! :)

Teamarcia said...

Wow you are off to an excellent start! Way to nail everything!

Heidi said...

You rock Marlene. I'm super impressed.

Honestly I don't know how you run in those temps. I'm a wimp from the BC Coast and can not handle those kinds of emperatures. I don't think I even own the proper clothing to survive those temps - hahaha.

Great work! Two thumbs WAY up.

Denise said...

what a great way to kick off training...with feeling under the weather, too!! keep it up!

RunKathyRun said...

Man, that is monster mileage; way to go!

Jess said...

What a week!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great week! Do you like splitting your runs like that? I've thought about it, but never have. Great job!

Unknown said...

Um, hello, what an AWESOME week. Can I be like you when I grow up?

Winks & Smiles,

ajh said...

51 miles in Week 1!!!

dawn @ running the dawn said...

you totally killed it! seriously? 51 miles 19 weeks out? i can't imagine what your peak week is going to be like!

MCM Mama said...

Wow! That's a lot of miles! Nice job.

Anonymous said...

18 weeks to mississauga! wow

anyways, great week marlene. u r awesome. good job!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the training recaps, I am into reading those right now!
We are both training for a marathon at the same time, for once. Mine comes first but it will be fun comparing our workouts!
Have a great week, feel better!

Amy said...

51 miles in week one!???! You are amazing!

Nicole said...

dang! your going to have an intense training sesh if your starting out that high! way to go lady! keep it up!