Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 15

Week 1 of 3 big ones before taper. It was time to GSD. Unfortunately I was suffering with the lingering effects of a cold, which was mostly just an annoyance with the persistent cough and stuffy head. It didn't interfere with my week too much, thankfully. Now let's hope I can stay healthy through to May 15th!

Monday - rest

Tuesday - 24K 15K [2 workouts] - 4 x 1200 at 5KRP and 10K at 103% MRP 5K easy

Change of Plans/Running Errands

lunch: 10.2KM (6.3mi) - 52:07 - 5:07/KM (8:13/mi)
4 x 1200 at 5KRP: 5:13 - 5:13 - 5:12 - 5:06

eve: 5.7KM (3.5mi) - 32:38 - 5:44/KM (9:13/mi)

Wednesday - 13K recovery

Wednesday night I joined the group and it was another beautiful night with lots of people out in shorts and short sleeves. The route wasn't quite as friendly as I would typically choose for a recovery run, but we kept it nice and slow and the company was excellent as usual.

We had one minor altercation where a disgruntled driver felt the need to honk his horn and yell at the window at us to "get on the sidewalk" even though we were running on a quiet street and sticking to the far left side, out of the way of traffic.

13.1KM (8.1 mi) - 1:17:28 - 5:55/KM (9:31/mi)

Thursday - 16K 24K (2 runs): 4 x 2000 tempo and 10K at 103% MRP

With two workouts for the day, I wanted to spread them out a little more than a lunch run allows, so that meant a 4:30AM wake-up to run my tempo intervals in the morning. I was pretty sleepy, but enjoyed being out in the quiet darkness all by myself. I warmed up extra slowly to give my legs a chance to wake-up, and then it was on to the intervals.

4 x 2000 at tempo pace (goal 4:40/KM) with 500 recoveries.

4:41 - 4:39
4:40 - 4:40
4:39 - 4:39
avg pace 4:40/KM (7:30/mi)

11.3KM (7.0mi) - 1:00:07 - 5:19/KM (8:34/mi)

I hoped that a cold bath after the run would help refresh my legs for their next workout!

After work it was off the clinic where we had MRP to tackle. I was scheduled for 10K at 103% MRP (3% faster than MRP) but the group was only doing 9 and I was already going to be over my planned kilometres for the day so I decided I could cut one.

Target pace: ~5:04/KM

I stuck with a few buddies and we took turns setting the pace, keeping it conversational - until the last one when we decided to blast off and "race" to the finish. I may have cut the workout slightly short, but there was no shortage of overall effort!

Splits: 5:07, 5:07, 5:04, 5:04, 5:07, 5:09, 5:00, 4:43, 4:16 (!!!)
Average pace: 4:58/KM (7:59/mi)

I felt surprisingly good for my second workout of the day, and almost 16 miles total!

14.1KM (8.8mi) - 1:13:37 - 5:13/KM (8:24/mi)

Friday - recovery

I was cold, tired and feeling lazy as I set out for some early morning miles before a 7:30 physio appointment. For some reason I didn't feel like going far from home so I ended up making myself dizzy running a bunch of tiny loops in our neighborhood - just kept it slow and got it done.

4.5KM (2.8mi) - 28:52 - 6:25/KM (10:19/mi)

Saturday - 5K race

Spring Thaw 5K Race Report

warm-up: 4.0KM (2.5mi) - 23:21 - 5:50/KM (9:24/mi)

race: 5.0KM (3.1mi) - 21:34 - 4:19/KM (6:56/mi)

Sunday - 35K with 18K MRP

Having already completed 4 workouts this week, including a 5K race the day before, I had given myself permission to omit the MRP if I wasn't feeling it. It was a pretty miserable morning - lots of wind, cold, snowing sideways at the start. (yes, SNOW) The snow eventually cleared up and the sun came out, but the wind was killer.

I ran with my group, adding on a few miles before, and we just cruised through it. I was tired almost the entire time and was happy for the company and no pace pressure. We kept it comfortable and had a quick pit stop that one of our runners had set up at his house - water, gatorade, oranges, gummy bears and cookies! It was so tempting to just stay there and be done with it, but we had 8K to go. I was really happy to finish off my last 35K run of this cycle.

35.0KM (21.75mi) - 3:19:03 - 5:41/KM (9:09/mi)

I was absolutely bagged in the afternoon and had not one but two great naps, only peeling myself off the couch when we needed to get some food. This was a huge week for me, my highest official training week ever so it's no wonder I was so tired, especially since I was still battling the lingering effects of a cold. I went to bed early last night and had a really good sleep, and am feeling refreshed this morning and ready to tackle another big week.

Total Week 15 Mileage: 103 KM (64mi)
Total time: 9:28:48
Average pace: 5:31/KM (8:52/mi)


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I think that looks like a great week of workouts! Hope you're over the worst of the cold.

Running Ricig said...

your friday run sounds like all of my runs with my dog. She hates cars, so I just run our 1.25 mile loop around our neighborhood a bunch of times. It's exhausting going in circles.

lish said...

Way to go on your runs this week!!

Johann said...

Well done on another great week! I’ve missed my 1st of three last hard weeks before taper with the stomach bug and just hope I stay healthy now as well. Keep it going!

amy said...

I hate altercations with drivers that "know best" where we should be running!! It's the pits when people tell you to get on the sidewalk when you are running with kids in a buggy too--those drivers say some nasty things about your ability to parent when they see you on the road :(

Nicole said...

Another kick ass week! Way to go friend! Your going to nail this race! I feel it!

A Prelude To... said...

"Short sleeves and shorts" - sounds like heaven to me!

I cannot stand rude drivers. I don't understand it all. We encounter this quite a bit on our runs and bike rides with our team training. We had a truck full of guys last week at the lake (they had probably been drinking all morning while fishing) that tried to run several of the team off the road and actually put their arms out the windows while driving really close. One girl had to jump in the ditch.

The lake has a bike path that runs the entire way around it and so it makes no sense that these people should be angry we are there! Grrr..

Quinton J said...

glad to hear you're feeling better. that kind of mileage would run down anybody. have a great week.

Jill said...

Wow, what a great training week for you - gotta feel good to get that one done!! And hey, those loops around the neighborhood are so colorful :). Glad you're feeling better! Have an excellent week, Marlene!

Anonymous said...

Congrats again on the PR, and on the big mileage week!! Omitting the MRP or not, your legs know how to keep going when they're tired :) here's to another successful week ahead!

Tricia said...

great week!

Teamarcia said...

Ok I read that 'peeing myself' off the couch. Haha!
Another tough yet stellar week for you in the books! Hope that cold is long gone very soon.

macnic said...

Awesome week! Yesterday was brutal - here's hoping its the last of it!

Char said...

Two naps! way to go. I'm a big supporter of 'a nap is a great recovery tool' theory and would have one daily if I could convince my boss that it was a good idea.

J said...

Awesome mileage this past week Marlene! You are going to kill this marathon! Congrats on the awesome PR!! We almost have the same PR for the 5k! I am so happy for you!

Amy said...

Great week and awesome mileage! Congrats on your PR in the 5K too!

Julie D. said...

another amazing week! can't believe only a month left. keep it up!!

Jess said...

I'm jealous of your TWO naps!

MCM Mama said...

Amazing training week! I can't imagine running that kind of mileage. I need a nap just thinking about it. ;o)

Angie said...

Woohoo!!! ANOTHER great week of running!!! I love how you put together these weekly summaries! Great job!!! :)

kristen said...

Your little loops in your neighbourhood make me laugh. I've tacked on two mini-loops at the end of a run to make up some distance, but I've never run the entire thing in mini loops- kind of funny to think about how many times someone might see me out their front window :)

Richelle said...

You definitely GSD even though you were sick. Hope you continue to feel better!

Unknown said...

Another great week. LOVE following your training. So inspiring!

Winks & Smiles,

Felice Devine said...

Great mileage --- terrific 5K -- love the chilly photo!

Anonymous said...

4 weeks!! :) I have to say lame to that driver who continued to honk at you guys. What's his problem?!

Cindy said...

i love the weekly recaps!!!! it helps me to see how much training i'll need to get as fast as you hopefully one day!

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