Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 3

This week had its share of ups and downs. Some good runs and some not-so-good runs, and one really exciting day on Saturday, which I'll tell you more about tomorrow. :)

Monday - rest/xtrain

I didn't have my new bike yet, so I just did my strength/core routine and went to bed very early. I was exhausted and the alarm was set for 4:15 Tuesday morning.

Tuesday - 12K with 6 x 800

Track Tuesday
3:11, 3:12, 3:12, 3:12, 3:10, 3:12

14.5KM (9.0mi) - 1:18:58 - 5:27/KM (8:46/mi)

Wednesday - 10K recovery

I had to miss the usual Wednesday night group run to pick up my new bike, so another morning run was in order. My legs were completely heavy and dead for the first couple of miles, but eventually settled into a (slow) groove. I felt good by the end and it was nice to get it done early.

10.0KM (6.2mi) - 59:10 -

Thursday - 20K (2 runs) - 6K tempo and 7K MRP

I set out in the morning for the first part of my workout: 6K tempo. Felt okay during the warm-up but as soon as I picked it up for the tempo portion, I knew it was not going to happen. My legs would not move! I resolved that could do some tempo intervals instead (3 x 2000 with 500m breaks), but I couldn't even do that! I know it's early in the season and these aren't going to come easily, but it was downright impossible. I probably could have pushed a little harder and forced it, but I knew I had to lead my pace group in a 7K MRP run that night and couldn't afford to be toast. I threw in the towel and finished off the run at an easy pace, trying not to beat myself up over it. Can't win 'em all.

8.0K (5.0mi) - 43:59 - 5:29/KM (8:50/mi)

Things went much better with the group run after work, even though it was extremely gross and muggy. During our warm-up I was pretty sure my legs were going to be dead again, but they actually showed up this time and I had a pretty great run!

The goal was 7K at 5:00/KM or faster: 5:00, 4:57, 4:54, 4:55, 4:55, 4:55, 4:52 (avg 4:55/KM = 7:54/mi)
We were slightly fast (wrist-slap for the pace group leader [me]) but close enough. I honestly thought a 5:00 pace would kill me last night, so I was relieved that it felt okay.

I rode my bike there and back too!

12.0KM (7.5mi) - 1:04:16 - 5:21/KM (8:37/mi)

Friday - 8K easy

Juliana and I met in the morning for another round of Barefoot Bootcamp. We ran several barefoot laps, running through sprinklers on the field along the way, and did various exercises in between (situps, squats, lunges, jacks, etc.)

7.6KM (4.7mi) - 46:06 - 6:03/KM (9:45/mi)

After work I took my new bike out for a 15K spin. Fun!

Saturday - Toronto City Chase!

Race report tomorrow.

Sunday - 30K long

I was absolutely pooped this morning and knew the long run was not going to be pretty. I had hoped to run 30K but was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen. I still set out solo as planned to add on a few extra before meeting the group and I was moving sloooowly. It was nice to have company for the rest, although myself and a few others dropped back from the usual pace. When we were back at the store shy of my originally planned distance, you couldn't have paid me to keep going. I was done. That's enough for today!

28.3KM (17.6mi) - 2:42:30 - 5:44/KM (9:14/mi)

Week 3 Total Mileage: 80.4KM (49.9mi)
+ ~10K at City Chase
Total time: 7:34:59
Average pace: 5:39/KM (9:06/mi)

Xtrain: Strength (legs, core, pushups) x 3
Cycle: ~20K


Anonymous said...

Ha, girl you do look exhausted. I can't wait to hear about the City Chase - I'm sure that had its hand in those 'sluggish-feeling' miles today! All in good fun, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Whoa - FIRST! Haven't had that luck in a while ;)

Char said...

What a big, big week! 80k this early in the training cycle? Makes me wonder what you're going to max out at.

ajh said...

A well deserved break.

Amy said...

No wonder you're pooped! Looking forward to hearing about the City Chase!

Richelle said...

I can't wait to hear about the City Chase! Enjoy your well-deserved rest!

Unknown said...

LOVE the pooped picture. Tee hee hee.

Looks like another great week!

Winks & Smiles,

Laura said...

28.3 vs 30km......that's cutting it short? You are a nut.

Anonymous said...

great week marlene! u r hardcore, as always.

looking forward to reading about the City CHase

macnic said...

I can't wait to read the CCR today. Another great week in the books for you!

Beth said...

i'm tired just reading all that you did! I've been taking a lot of time off these past 3 weeks. 1 more week to go and then i'll ramp it back up. Great job! I hope to be back up to your mileage by August. Take care and have a great week!

Anne said...

Wow! What a great are definitely chalking up lots of mileage already, so early in the program!
Can't wait to read all about City Chase :)

Nicole said...

Great week pretty girl!