Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 6

I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed with these recaps now that things are changing. I hope you'll bear with me as I muddle my way through it!

Monday: Swim + Run + Bike

I started the week with my second lane swim at the pool. I could tell I was tired from Sunday's OWS but tried to stay relaxed and calm in the water. Unfortunately the pool was packed and it was difficult to find a rhythm.


I hopped straight out of the pool and changed into running clothes (easier said than done with damp skin) and headed out for a short run. My legs felt a little wobby at first, but I soon found a rhythm and had a good run. I headed back into the locker room to shower up and get dressed before work.

5.0 KM (3.11mi) - 27:42 - 5:32/KM (8:54/mi)

Hubs and I joined some friends from our running group that evening for a nice "recovery" ride on the flats. Of course, their recovery pace turned out to be the fastest I have riden to date, but I felt good and kept up. I know riding with others is the best way to get stronger. It was lots of fun riding in a group.

24.7 KM (15.3mi) - 56:40 - 26.2 kph (16.3mph)

Tuesday - Run x 2

I met up with Juliana dark & early for our usual Tuesday routine. We warmed up together and then went about our workouts on this extremely hot and humid morning. I knew my paces were not going to be great, but the run was even harder than anticipated. I had hoped for 5 x 2000 at ~4:30/KM and only managed 3 x 2000 getting slower and slower with an average of 4:45. I added on some easy miles around the park to at least hit the distance I wanted. Meh!

16.0 KM (9.9mi) - 1:27:18 - 5:27/KM (8:46/mi)

After work I had another 5K to wrap up my medium-long mileage for the day. It was way hotter and I felt pretty horrible. I actually went back to the house and even inside after a kilometre, but somehow talked myself into going back out. I started feeling a little better and got it done.

sweat city!

5.0 KM (3.11mi) - 27:48 - 5:32/KM (8:54/mi) 

Wednesday - Bike + Run

Wednesday morning I biked to work with Juliana (most of the way). We left extra early to beat traffic, although it still got pretty heavy in the second half. I was a little nervous, but I'm getting far more comfortable on the roads. It was my longest and fastest ride to-date! (net downhill)

30.6 KM (19.0mi)- 1:08:28 - 26.8 kph (16.7mph)

Had a great recovery run Wednesday night at Run Club with plenty of laughs and inappropriate typical conversations.

12.0 KM (7.5mi) - 1:09:30 - 5:47/KM (9:19/mi)

Thursday - Swim + Tempo Run

I hit the pool early enough to be first in the water and got through most of my sets before many people had arrived - so much nicer without sharing the lane!

4 x 100m + 4 x 50m

Thursday was clinic night followed by a group tempo run. My legs were heavy dead from the start and I hoped they would perk up by the end of the warm-up, but that didn't happen. I watched my pace group drift further and further into the distance once we got started on the tempo portion and fought the urge to stop the entire time. Even though I was way off pace, I kept pushing til the end to get the most I could out of it. 

Goal: 4:30/KM (adjusted to 4:40 given heat/humidity)
Result: 5:11, 5:03, 4:59, 4:47, 4:38

13.4 KM (8.3mi) - 1:13:44 - 5:30/KM (8:51/mi)
+ bike commute to/from store ~5K(~15mins)

Friday - Bike + Run (Brick) + Swim

Hubs had the day off Friday and I had a work event starting later than normal; it would have been a great day to sleep-in, but of course we had other plans! We were up early for our first official brick workout. We went for an easy ride together on the flats, followed immediately by a short run. It went well and I felt a lot better than I had the night before. 

ride: 15.1 KM (9.4mi) - 38:47 - 23.5 kph (14.5mph)
run: 5.0 KM (3.1mi) - 27:32 - 5:30/KM (8:51/mi)

After that I spent the entire day playing in the woods with my co-workers at outdoor paintball. It was a fun and exhausting sweat-fest to be running all over the place in combat scenarios wearing full coveralls and head masks. I left with a couple of good war wounds!

Saturday - OWS rest

Forced rest day due to sinus infection.

Sunday - long run

Test run at home (all systems go) followed by a HOT HOT HOT group long run in the rolling country side. I was was so relieved my sinuses were okay that I didn't mind all that much. The scenery and company were great and I felt pretty strong, all things considered.

Wore a new pair of kicks for the first time too - always a treat.

home: 7.0 KM (4.3mi) - 40:07 - 5:43/KM (9:13/mi)
group: 23.5 KM (14.6mi) - 2:12:42 - 5:39/KM (9:05/mi)

Total Week 6 Mileage:

Run: 86.9KM
Time Running: 8:06:23
Average Pace: 5:38/KM (9:05/mi)
Bike - 75.4 KM
Time Biking: 2:59:05

Recovery week starts now with a much-needed
4-day getaway weekend coming up!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you're still awake! That sounds like quite an exhausting week - so impressive!

Hope the sinuses are feeling better!

Teamarcia said...

Great week! You've incorporated bike and swim so beautifully into your routine. Hope that sinus infection is long gone!

Being Robinson said...

you are a machine, nice week of workouts. looks like the tri will have nothing on you :)

Laura said...

good god...
You need to do a post on how you fit in time for everything else like maintaining a house, sleep, groceries, sleep, sleep, work, sleep...

macnic said...

Good lord, you're awesome! Enjoy the well deserved recovery week!

Anonymous said...

i dont know how u do it! im tired just from reading all that! hahhah

u r a rock star as always....

great job!

Jen Feeny said...

Have I mentioned before that you are a machine? Ok good.

Oh and can I just tell you that we have the same suit only mine is pink and orange? LOL! Twinzees again!

Em said...

wow girl you are KILLING it in training! Awesome job! You deserve the 4 day getaway for sure!

Char said...

You must be having to fuel really well with all the calories you're burning. And where are the pictures of your war wounds?

TNTcoach Ken said...

Why not just say, 'I'm crazy and I do something everyday?'.............. LOL, you are kicking some arse!

misszippy said...

Whew! You are doing some serious training there! Glad the sinus infection was just a blip 'cause not sure what you would have done if you were sidelined for a day! ; )

Nicole said...

way to ROCK week six!!! enjoy vacation!!!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Feel better ASAP buddy you are doing some amazing things!! Love the shoe pic!

Anabela (Bela) Neves said...

Wow how do you find the time. Good going!

MCM Mama said...

I need a rest day just from the exhaustion of reading your blog. LOL.

Enjoy your weekend!

Sara said...

Do you have a waterproof watch w/ timer to time your swim laps too? I have an ironman one that does up to 100 laps. I sometimes wear it as my watch if I can't find my regular one. You are so organized with times, it seems so strange to see your run and bike times listed neatly and no swim times!

Amy said...

Amazing, as always. Hope that sinus infection clears up quick - be careful with allergy meds - they basically are made to knock out your immune system!

Anonymous said...

You are a machine!!! Enjoy your mini-break!

Richelle said...

From reading your workouts, I never would have noticed that you just got into biking and swimming and tri-training. You are so awesome, Marlene! I hope you've kicked that sinus infection in the butt!

Runners Fuel said...

Great week!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a week!! :) I have no idea how I would fit all that fun into one week. Great job!! :) Hope you feel better soon!