Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 5

Going into this week, I was pumped to get back to my regular training schedule after the toe debacle of Week 4. Of course, things then got interesting thanks to a new goal. Since I am planning on two short-distance triathlons later this season, things inevitably have to change. I will be incorporating more cycling and swimming for the first time. I am having a bit of a hard time accepting the fact that it is okay to run less mileage in order to accommodate these other activities (which should also have a positive impact on my running), so this will be a learning process.

Monday - rest/xtrain

I took all of that energy/motivation/excitement from Sunday's tri relay and got out on my bike after work. I am getting more and more comfortable each time I go out, braking less on the downhills and pushing it on the flats. And the uphills? Well, the uphills are hard - but I'm getting the hang of it.

Tuesday - 21K (2 runs) with 4 x 2000 tempo (400 recoveries)

I was up early for my workout and was treated to a nice cool morning. Juliana joined me and we decided to hit the track so we could each do our own thing. I had no idea what to expect out of my legs after barely running last week - in fact, my only two runs were races where I pushed very hard. I guess the super low mileage still left my legs feeling rested enough, because I had no trouble hitting my target paces on the tempo intervals consistently.

Goal: ~4:30/KM
2000 intervals: (4:32, 4:31) - (4:32, 4:33) - (4:30, 4:30) - (4:31, 4:31)

AM - 15.0KM (9.3mi) - 1:18:14 - 5:13/KM (8:23/mi)

I just had another 6K to round off my medium-long day, so I decided to run over lunch (despite the heat!) to keep my evening free. It was hot, hot, hot but kind of nice to get in a mid-day sweat-fest... at least until I returned to my desk and continued to sweat!

Noon - 6.2KM (3.9mi) - 34:17 - 5:32/KM (8:54/mi)

After work I took advantage of having some free time and went for a nice easy ride. Triple Tuesday!

Wednesday - 10K recovery

I was not surprised to discover exhausted legs when I set out for my recovery run in the morning. I allow (and encourage) myself to be sloooow on these runs, but to felt hard no matter how slow I went! I made a deal with myself to just run 5K and another 5 over lunch, but I started feeling better after a few KMs (as usual) and finished it off. I didn't quite hit the distance I had planned, it was enough.

8.4KM (5.2mi) - 49:36 -5:55/KM (9:31/mi)

Thursday - 11K with 4-5 x 800

Thursday morning I went for my first swim!

That night was clinic night; I rode my bike there and back, and the group headed to the track for our workout. We had 4-5 Yasso repeats on deck at a moderate effort, which worked great for me since I didn't want to tire myself out before Rebecca Run on Saturday.

The goal was 3:40/800 - significantly slower than my 800s in Week 3 (3:10-3:12), but it was just enough to get the legs moving.

3:39 - 3:37 - 3:36 - 3:35 (200 recoveries)

12.4KM (7.7mi) - 1:09:40 - 5:37/KM (9:02/mi)

Friday - 10K recovery

I was able to meet up with Juliana in the morning for an easy run, though I passed on our "barefoot bootcamp" routine since I was in "conservation mode" for the 5K on Saturday.

We kept the pace easy and chatted away as usual - the 10K was done in no time.

10.1KM (6.3mi) - 1:01:55 - 6:08/KM (9:52/mi)

Saturday - 30K long run with 5K race


pre-race: 7.0KM (4.3mi) - 44:02 - 6:17/KM (10:07/mi)
race: 5.0KM (3.1mi) - 20:40 - 4:08/KM (6:39/mi)
post-race: 18.0KM (11.2mi) - 1:44:09 - 5:47/KM (9:19/mi)

Sunday - 5K recovery

Spectating a triathlon/duathlon, 5K run and my first open water swim!

5.0KM (3.1mi) - 0:29:11 - 5:50/KM (9:24/mi)

Total Week 5 Mileage: 87.1KM (54.1mi)
Total Time Running: 8:11:44
Average Pace: 5:38/KM (9:05/mi)

Cycle: 53.5KM (33.2mi)
Swim: ~900m

What will this week bring?


J said...

I'm afraid to see what this week will bring! just kidding! You are doing great adding in the biking and swimming! I don't know how you do it all!


This week is going to bring even more awesomeness.

Unknown said...

Nice triple on Tuesday.

And good job on that OWS

Anonymous said...

Ha, nice little cartoon to round things out! Already OW swimming?? That's one way to get over the "swim" hurdle ;) So glad to hear the cycling is coming easier, too!

Seriously, 20:40 5K. Still beaming for you! Congrats!

macnic said...

My goodness! You are amazing! I can't wait to see what you do in your Tris!

Laura said...

Ho Hum...another slack week in Marlene land. How do you fit everything in?

Anonymous said...

u r killing it!
i thought my 37kilometers was good until i saw ur 87. hahahha

awesome job marlene!

Gotta Run..... said...

You world - as you know it - os changing :)

I have a GREAT book on cycling for the female. Will be glad to send it your way. Want it?

email at

Anonymous said...

Crossing over to the dark side, eh? LOVE the swimming photo! Go get 'em Marlene. Can't wait to see where this all leads.

Char said...

It's really interesting to see your times for your long, slow runs. I consistently try to run mine too fast so I'm going to be taking a leaf out of your book. After all it's working for you.

Emz said...

That photo still freaking gets me to tears laughing.
Your speed workouts rock.
Seriously. Need your legs for tempo workouts.

This week will be freakingawesomeforyou!

Raquelita said...

Your mileage is crazy awesome!

Anonymous said...

Running rockstar with a few tricks up her sleeve. I'm in suspense!! :) You will have a great week no matter you have planned!

Richelle said...

I see another awesome week on the horizon for you, with perhaps more swims and bike rides. :)

ajh said...

One day you casually mention a tri and before we know it you are getting ready!

MCM Mama said...

I can't decide if I'm envious of all your running/biking/swimming or just tired reading it. Probably a bit of both LOL.

Anonymous said...

Just have to say, I love the swimming photo!!! ;o)

Johann said...

You are certainly rocking the training! Well done! You are a true inspiration.

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

Hey Marlene - I know you did a time trial a little while back, but I couldn't find your post. Can you give me some tips?
thanks :)

Lily on the Road said...

Well, well, well, my crystal ball is NEVER wrong! LOL.

I too felt the same way about dropping some of the running distances to fit in the cycling and swimming, but honestly, they will HELP you with your running muscle memory and will definitely make you stronger.

Have fun and keep me in the loop.


Teamarcia said...

Holy cow girl you are packing it in. Very nicely done!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Wahoo, I'm so excited that you are going to do a triathlon :) I think you will really like changing it up and doing some new things, if you can get used to running less. Hopefully once you see the benefits you'll be sold!

Nicole said...

nice job gf! you rocked it!