Wednesday, May 28, 2008


4 months from right now, I will have (hopefully) completed my first marathon. There's something about hitting the 3-month mark (even if it's 3 months and X days) that makes it all feel very real and very soon. I remember feeling the same way three months before my wedding, and three months before moving in to our first house. The anticipation can be half the fun!

It's slightly overwhelming (who am I kidding? EXTREMELY overwhelming), but exciting at the same time. I'll be happy when I'm back in the program again, which will hopefully be sooner than I originally expected. My ankle has been feeling great these last couple days. It doesn't hurt to walk on so I am gradually learning to walk 'normally' again. It's amazing what 4 days of limping around can do to one's form! It's also very tight from being in a tensor almost 24 hours/day. I'll give myself a few more days and try an easy jog early next week.

I was just looking at the weeky newsletter from the STWM and something caught my eye.

Correct and redirect

No one's training program goes exactly as planned. There's no way to know this early on how your body or your life will respond to the training.

Be ready at any point to rethink your goals for the day, the week, the month, and the race. The greatest discipline is the ability to respond and change to the inevitable ups and downs of a long distance training program.

Ain't that the truth! While this injury was not actully caused by running and (thankfully) doesn't seem like it will have much of an impact on my overall training, I think it still applies. I certainly had to rethink my goals for the week AND month and my plan-making husband is going to have to go back to the drawing board with my program and make the necessary modifications.

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