Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Change of plans

Between Thursday evening and Sunday evening, I will be playing a minimum of 7 softball games. This includes double-headers in both of my regular leagues (Thursday, Sunday) as well as a tournament starting on Saturday (3 games). And if we do well on Saturday, we will play additional game(s) Sunday morning. Softball is a blast and I play on two really fun teams, but this does not bode well for long diatance running. I've decided to "skip" my long run this weekend. I was scheduled for a 26K with 28K next week, so instead I'll jump to 27K next week and should be on track for a 30K the following week.

(I can't even believe I'm talking about running these distances! OMG.)

Otherwise, it looks like a quiet week. I'm giving my legs a second day off today and I'll try to get out for some decent runs on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So Week 12 looks something like:

Monday: off
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 10K
Thursday: 6K + 2 games
Friday: 7.5K
Saturday: 3 games
Sunday: 5K + 2 games (won't run if we have additional games)
= ~28.5K


Melanie said...

looks like a busy week! good luck in your ball games and be careful!!! :D

Marci said...

Thats alot of bball. Have fun!

Saface Macdonald said...

Have fun tonight and be safe!

See you tomorrow! YAY!

Lily on the Road said...

Hope you had fun with bball.

Yes,that IS a lot of distance to get in, you can do it!!