Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Twenty one point TWO

On Sunday morning hubby and I were up at 6 AM and drove to a local park whiich consists of a winding (mostly paved) trail forming an approximately 10K loop. We like it because the majority is flat, there are several washrooms along the way, we pass the car more than once so it's easy to re-stock water/fuel and best of all, no stop lights!

My run went really well and I was feeling good the entire time. Took 3 Clif Shot Bloks (=1 gel) at around 8K and found that I had enough energy. I completed two loops and found myself back at the car (where hubby was already finished and waiting, being the speedster that he is!) around 21K. The longest distance I had previously run 21.1 in each of the half marathons I have completed, so I was determined to reach a new milestone and beat the distance. I ran an extra 200 metres or so and finished up at 21.2K. My time was about 2:03 with a 5:49 pace, which I am very happy with.

And the mileage continues to build...

Week 11
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5K
Wednesday: 9K
Thursday: softball
Friday: 10K
Saturday: 6K
Sunday: 24K


Mel-2nd Chances said...

congrats on a new milestone, feels good to get past the 21.1 point eh? have a great week!

Marci said...

Way to get over the half marathon distance. You are on your way to a marathon now!

Lily on the Road said...

Holy Yikes, you are fast!!! WOW...way to go!!

Good JOB!!