Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Marlene vs. Wednesday

So the last two Wednesdays have been brutal. Two weeks ago we had absolutely miserable weather and I had a really hard time keeping myself going and last week I had my really "off" day. Good news: this week, I won! It was a good run.

That said, it was bitter cold out there tonight. My face was numb and I had sweat-icicles on my eye-lashes by the time we finished. I have my gaitor that can be pulled over my face, but if I'm breathing heavily I find that it suffocates me. I may need to find another solution that covers most of the face but leaves my eyes and mouth open. Does such a thing exist??

I know I said I have the best husband in the world, but tonight he tried to kill me! We ended up pulling ahead of the group when they took their first walk, as usual. Hubby knew the route and we were doing great...until we realized we had missed a turn. We ended up running about 6.7 instead of the planned 6. That may not seem too bad, but when you think you're nearing the home stretch only to find out you have an added 700 metres to run, it hurts. The worst part is, our little detour took us to that brutal hill I have mentioned before. My ankles were so sore and tired from treading through the snow, I had to walk up half the hill.

But I survived! We even went to the gym to lift some weights afterwards. Yeah!

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