Monday, May 19, 2008

Active recovery

I expected to wake up with sore and tired legs today after my long run yesterday morning, walking around the zoo all day AND softball practice in the evening. Amazingly, my legs feel fantastic.

I have heard that low-intensity exercise (i.e. walking) can actually aid in recovery even more than full-on rest. My legs ached quite a bit as we walked around the zoo after my run, but it seems that the active recovery has paid off.

I'm enjoying a glorious rest day... it's refreshing not having anything on the agenda for an entire day.

Speaking of agendas, here's what's on for this week.

Marathon Training: Week Two

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 7K
Wednesday: 5K
Thursday: softball
Friday: 5K
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 14K
Total: 31K

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Marci said...

I think alot can be said for active recovery. I am amazed at how quickly Hubs is recovering from his marathon series. After Cleveland this weekend we walked around the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for hours, and he was not even sore later than night.