Thursday, July 03, 2008

Preparing for my first 5K

I've decided to skip the interval work this week. With the race this weekend, I'm thinking it would be overkill and don't want to risk injury. Instead I'll run an easy 7K at lunch today, since I didn't get a chance last night.

Tomorrow hubby and I are planning to walk the 5K route for Saturday's Rebecca Run. It's at a local park with some narrow pathways, bridges and lots of twists and turns so I'd like to know what to expect. I'm actually really looking forward to this event. Two half marathons, two 10K's and an urban adventure race under my belt, but never a 5K. I'm curious to see what I'm capable of.

So how does one go about running a successful 5K? I found this short article helpful: How to Race the Underestimated 5K

1. warm up
2. pace myself
3. focus

Tips welcome!


Marci said...

I have only ran two 5K - both when I was very new to running - so I can't offer much advice. Your plan sounds solid, and you will kick butt I'm sure. Have a great run!

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