Monday, June 30, 2008

Another week bites the dust

Yesterday was my long run and it went very well. I anticipated a difficult run, being my highest week for mileage EVER and my 5th day in a row running. Surprisingly, I didn't have any trouble. The first 5K or so seemed to drag (felt like I had sooo much further to go!) but then I got into my groove and enjoyed the run. I took a new route and ran straight down one street the entire way (I love straight runs) to my parents' house in Oak Ridges. They weren't expecting me, so their faces were priceless when I walked in the door asking for breakfast. ;) So I clocked 18K at a pace slightly under 6:00, which I am pleased with.

Today I took a much-needed rest day and I'm looking forward to another long-ish run tomorrow. Taking advantage of having the day off.

Schedule for this week (# 9!):

Mon: Rest
Tue: 13K
Wed: 7K with 5x400m intervals at 4:43 pace
Thu: Softball
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rebecca Run 5K race
Sun: 20K

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