Saturday, February 17, 2007

169 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOOHOOOO!!! As of this morning, I weigh 169 lbs. I have not been below 170 since, like, grade 11. I feel freaking awesome.

So Thursday night I played hockey with the boys for the better part of an hour. Holy crap, was that ever a workout. I am still sore ~ and not just from the bruises. I swear, I used muscles I didn't know I had. I did have one good wipe-out on the elbow and here is the result:


But anyway, it was a lot of fun and an amazing workout, and we are totally doing that again some time.

Last night I skipped the gym because we got home late, but I had a good 4 mile (6.5 KM) run this morning. I was going for 8 KM but I quickly discovered that I really need to eat before attempting that. At the end of my run this morning, my breathing was still controlled and my legs had some more juice in them, but I was feeling pretty light-headed and dizzy. Note to self: don't run before breakfast!! (Duh.) So tomorrow I will have a hearty breakfast, digest, and then hit the treadmill to attempt 8 KM.

Today I am going shopping to replace all of my way-too-big pants. FINALLY!!!


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Anonymous said...

Holy Bruise!! I hope it has started to go away, it is ginormous.