Monday, February 19, 2007

say what?!

After my victory of reaching the 160's on Saturday, I went shopping. Turns out I'm a SIZE 12!!! I couldn't believe it at first ~ kept thinking there must be some mistake! The last pants I bought were a size 16! But lo and behold, the size 12's fit, and I bought 4 pairs!!!

Unfortunately I couldn't drag my lazy butt to the gym yesterday. If I don't go first thing in the morning, forget about it. My goal for the week is to run at least five times between today and Sunday. I'm going for 8K tonight.

Everything is good on the food front. I have a few confessions for the weekend, namely Popeye's chicken (ew) and Kraft Dinner, but I've realized that I can eat SOME crap and still lose weight, as long as I keep on running!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I applaud your progress to date. :D