Monday, March 24, 2008


Good news! My PT noticed that all of my muscles were much looser today. Stretching like a maniac is paying off! As a result, my session this afternoon was not nearly as painful as last week's. Don't get me wrong - it hurt like a $&%^! Just not *quite* as much. :)

My homework is to continue stretching and rolling as often as possible, plus strengthening exercises. My yoga mat and all of my other "tools" are set up in front of the TV, so no excuses. The feedback that I got from my PT today has really encouraged me to keep it up. I will also be running 30 minutes/5K every second day. Providing it doesn't get worse, I can start increasing the time/distance next week. Awesome!

Speaking of my PT, Beth Wightman, she's representing Canada next weekend in the World Cross Country Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland. How cool is that?

We chatted a little more about future plans, and she is going to customize a program for me once I'm ready to train again. It will involve more weekly runs and more mileage than the Running Room programs, but with a very gradual increase to prevent injury. It will allow me to create a strong/solid base for a fast half marathon OR the full... depending on where the streets take me. I'm excited!


Anonymous said...

That's so wonderful! I was told yesterday to maybe stick to doing a bit more yoga before I start training full tilt again.

Saface Macdonald said...


Melanie said...

great news!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

So Good that you're making progress and that it doesn't hurt as much!
Stay diligent, It'll be worth it!

It's kinda cool knowing World Class athletes lol