Saturday, March 15, 2008

Slow and steady wins the race?

I don't have any pain or discomfort...until I start to run. After a few minutes, the tightness and pain on the outside of my left knee comes flooding back.

I'm stretching and rolling like crazy. I also read that icing the affected area often can help, so I am going to try that. Back to physio on Tuesday for massage and ART. It looks like I will just have to be patient and take this slow.

It's depressing because the weather is finally starting to improve and I want nothing more than to get out there and RUN! Plus, I feel so sluggish when I am not running. I'm just bummed right now.

I've officially decided not to run 30K Around the Bay on March 30th (selling bib number on RR Forum if anyone is interested...), but I'm really hoping that I will be good to go for Mississauga in May.


[/pity party]


Sarah said...

You'll be fine, what you are doing is the right thing. You don't want to hurt yourself and be out a YEAR! Now that would suck.

You are listening to your body! Good for you. Some people don't.

Love ya baby!


Andrea Hill said...

Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog from google alerts. I haven't really read back, but I just wanted to ask, since you're already going to physio, have they identified what your pain is? Is it ITB ( I had that problem when I was training for my first marathon. It would hurt up the side of my leg when I ran, and I'd take a few days off and try again, and it just seemed to get worse and worse.. It sucked, but I actually had to just stop running altogether for awhile. and when I started back again, I took it REAAAALLY slow, so I wouldn't get injured again.
ITB can be caused by ramping up mileage too quickly, or doing excessive hill training. Not sure if either of those apply to you (although if you're training for your first half marathon, I'm guessing you're running further than you ever have before).
I hope that's not your problem, but if it is... be careful, look after yourself, and if you have to take some time to heal, do so... I got injured in 2002 and barely ran at all til 2004, but since then I've completed 16 marathons -- so it can be overcome! It may just not be the right time for you...

Good luck!

Andrea Hill said...

I'm so sorry -- your first FULL marathon!!! You did the half, my bad!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Seems to me that the ATB is a curse for everyone! Lots of people I know are training for it and have gotten injured.
It's a tough course! Rest up and I'm sure you'll be ready for mississauga!
Thats a good course too!

Sending positive healing vibes your way:)