Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday catch-all

1. My legs, hips, butt and even back were extremely sore yesterday, but feel much better today. Thank you epsom salts! I'm probably taking a second day off to recover completely, especially after how I felt on Sunday.

2. Reid @ Life Strides successfully accomplished his sub-5:00 minute mile. WAY TO GO REID! Unfortunately no one-miler report from me (sorry!), but I was rooting for you!! Congrats!

3. The marathon is in 19 days!!!

4. I need a (run) schedule for the next 19 days.

5. I still need to find something to wear - checking out the Vaughan Running Room tonight. After that, it's Running Free or Lululemon.

6. Last night I started planning my 2009 races...I wanted to wait until after the marathon, but I found out about this and got carried away from there. I'll post my '09 plan after the race.

7. The marathon is in 19 days!!!

8. I'm so excited to finally meet Mel this Saturday at Patricia's!

9. Tomorrow is my 3-year wedding anniversary. We're going to dinner at Cachet, which hubby and I run past all the time. It'll be nice to see it from the inside, but gotta squeeze in a run first!

10. The marathon is in 19 days!!!


Marcy said...

Whooooaaaaa 19 days, huh? Excited just a little? ;-)

Happy Anniversary!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

happy anniversary for tomorrow... and i can't wait to finally to a blog pic to an actual person! LOL

Jess said...

19 days will go quickly!

Happy anniversary for tomorrow!

Marci said...

Happy Anniversery to you and your Hubby. Is that the race with the chocolates and massage. I had a friend send me a link. It sounds like fun, and you can't beat those perks!