Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 14

Ahhhh, a recovery week. I was actually feeling really good after three big weeks, but I know my body and mind both needed the break. I dropped my mileage to about 75%; I would normally still include a workout on during a recovery week, but all prescribed runs were easy this week given that I am recovering from a marathon.

I ended up coming down with a cold mid-way through the week and had to skip one run (and take a day off work), but I came out of the week feeling okay and I think I'm ready to get going on a few more big weeks. I did feel a little bit fatigued on the long run, so I'll play it by ear and make sure I am recovered before pushing any workouts.

Monday - rest

Tuesday - 6K

I had a physio appointment in the afternoon, which meant that I had to run in the morning. Since I no longer have my gym membership, this would be my first outdoor pre-work run of the season. It was dark, cold, windy and started to sprinkle rain as I left the house at 5:30, but I was okay once I got going. I just looped around on the neighbourhood streets, keeping it slow, and decided to go slightly longer than planned because I was feeling good.

8.0KM (5.0mi) - 47:04 - 5:53/KM (9:28/mi)

Wednesday - 11K 

I could feel that I was coming down with a cold on Wednesday. Everyone around me at work has been coughing like crazy and I knew I was fighting it all last week. I'm never happy to be sick, but I suppose my recovery week is the best time for this. I just hoped I could beat it within a few days.

I still felt pretty decent on Wednesday evening, so I didn't consider skipping the run. Hubs and I joined the group for our regular run club. It was a nice evening with lots of good company and we just chatted the miles away.

12.0KM (7.5mi) - 1:12:25 - 6:02/KM (9:43/mi)

Thursday - 14K

I decided to split Thursday's run in two just to take it easier on my body, both for recovery and fighting this cold. I still felt "okay" but had a pretty rough cough going on, which wasn't fun at all. It didn't bother me on the run, nor did running make me feel any worse, so I just decided to take it easy.

I ran about 7K over lunch and another 7 after work with the training group. They were doing speed work, which I am obviously not doing this week, so I just joined them for the warm-up and then headed back to the store.

Lunch: 7.1KM (4.4mi) - 40:32 - 5:43/KM (9:11/mi)

Eve: 7.1KM (4.4mi) - 40:31 - 5:43/KM (9:11/mi)

Meanwhile I pumped myself full of oil of oregano, Vitamin C, zinc and Cold FX. Unfortunately I was up coughing like crazy all night. :/

Friday - 8K rest

I took the day off work and knew I shouldn't run based on the raspy cough coming from my chest. I love my rest days. but not forced rest days. I took it easy all day and hoped for the best.

Saturday - 7K

I felt pretty good Saturday morning after a great sleep-in. I couldn't resist heading out in the gorgeous spring weather for a run and played it by ear, deciding how far to go based on how I felt. I kept the pace slow and had a pretty nice run.

12.0KM (7.5mi) - 1:09:26 - 5:46/KM (9:19/mi)

Sunday - 26K

Since I didn't have any ill-effects after running Saturday morning, I figured I was okay for the long run. It was a fall-back distance anyway - amazing how 16 miles can feel short. The group was doing a longer run, but I had the option of cutting off early at a friend P's house so I ran a bit ahead of time in order to hit my target distance at her house. Our pace group seemed to want to push it that day, but I was feeling a bit more fatigued than usual and had nothing to prove, so I let them go on ahead. P stuck with me the entire time and we kept it on the easy side. Before I knew it, we were done!

26.4KM (16.4mi) - 2:27:32 - 5:35/KM (9:00/mi)

Week 14 Total: 72.6KM = 45.1mi
Total time: 6:54:31
Average pace: 5:43/KM (9:11/mi)

5 weeks til Mississauga Marathon!!!


kristen said...

Last time I got sick it fell on a recovery week as well. While getting sick sucks- at least it was convenient?

Hope you recover well!

Unknown said...

Have a good rest :)
I was glad that when I was sick at least it was in the winter when it was too yucky to go out and run.

Teamarcia said...

Sorry about the cold! I'll have to try that oil of oregano as I've got something nasty hanging on.
Your taper will be here before you know it!

Anne said...

Sick or not, you still had a great week! You are so strong and ready!
Take care Marlene :)

Beth said...

Thats a strong recovery week! I hope your cold goes away soon!!

Emily said...

your recovery weeks are still pretty crazy good. feel better!

Laura said...

Nice 'recovery' week! I am staying so far away from any who even has a hint of a cold right now. They are banned from my cubicle space!

Jen Feeny said...

Glad the sickness fell on recovery week, if it's going to come best it come then. 5 weeks til you rock the hell out of Mississauga!!!!!!

ajh said...

I'm home with my own cold and missing a workout. It is actually good timing with having just finished my half. I have a hard time "letting myself" miss workouts but I'm okay with this one. Hope yours is better now.

H Love said...

Feel better friend...can't believe you have another marathon 5 weeks out!!! WOW!!

Heather said...

Still a good week, even with getting sick! Hope you continue to feel better.

Johann said...

You are in great shape and doing so well. Take care of your body. I hate it when I’ve done all the hard work and then a cold or flu come to spoil things. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

hope u r resting lots! take care of urself.
mississauga is just aroudn the corner.

Amy said...

I hope that cold is gone for good!! I thought I was coming down with something last week and missed a run just in case. Better be safe than sorry at this point!

misszippy said...

Sorry you got the crud but it sounds like it was short-lived--that's the best kind! A rest week sounded like what your entire body needed. Now time to ramp it up again and finish off this training cycle!

J said...

Glad you are recovering from the marathon and that cold! It sure has been nice outside! Of course it is even nicer today and its my rest day!

I haven't run in the morning before in FOREVER! This week i have to on Thursday! Hopefully the weather isn't too bad!

Indi said...

Hope the cold is out of your system now. Better now than closer to race day!! Nice recovery week in more ways than one!

Jill said...

Uck, sorry you were sick, hopefully it's gone for good now!

LOVE that pink jacket in the love love it!

Gotta Run..... said...

I am sure that your SMART recovery plan will have you feeling much better much faster!

5 weeks.... so excited for you!

Emz said...

you take the best photos of yourself ever. Love them.

5 weeks - pure awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you were still able to get in some good runs. 5 weeks!!! :)

Angie said...

Feel better soon!!! You had a great week of running still! Congrats! :)

Mark said...

Good job on managing your way through that week....truly very impressive!

Lindsay said...

i'd be willing to bet the cold was just your body being a little rundown - definitely good that you took it easy! hopefully it's beefed back up now and ready for 5 weeks of kick-butt workouts!

Denise said...

no worries about getting sick and cutting back a bit. i bet it does your body good and it was well needed rest. and at least it wasn't the week of the race! :-/

Nicole said...

I love that your recovery week consisted of 45 miles. your my hero!

Richelle said...

Sounds like you're feeling better (yay!), but definitely rest up as much as you can!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine 45 mpw still being "recovery" ;) High roller over here! I hop you're feeling 100% over the cold!

Marissa said...

so happy that I found your blog! I love how you post detailed runs/workouts :) Great for newbie runners like myself! THANKS

newest follower here!!!

Char said...

That's such a big recovery week! Hope your cold gets better soon.

Black Knight said...

You are fast, 26.4 km at 5.35 is a very good pace.
Good luck on the Mississauga Marathon!

Unknown said...

Your recovery week is longer than my regular week. LOL! Awesome stuff! And, glad you're feeling better.

Winks & Smiles,