Monday, December 11, 2006

15 grapes

A serving of grapes according to SBD is 15. Do you know what 15 grapes looks like? Not very much! That's like one mouthful! Anyway, I just ate my fruit quota for the day - 15 grapes. I'm not ready to advance to two servings of fruit yet; I'm taking it very slow.

Now for my weekend confessions!! (You know, I named my blog "Confessions of a Beach Bum" because I was sure I'd have pages and pages of confessions on a daily basis. I have actually been doing alright, haven't I?)


I ate that salad from the caterers late Friday afternoon and then I was busy shopping with Mom (found a great purple top for the party!), doing laundry and grocery shopping. Suddenly it was 10 pm and I was HUNGRY. I ended up having two slices of whole grain toast with Olive Oil Becel. So, I exceeded my grain allowance for Friday, but it was soooooo good.

On Saturday we had eggs for brekkie and then Christmas shopped all day. At the end of six gruelling hours, we stopped at Quizno's and I had a warm caesar salad which was very disappointing. I made Mark promise not to let me pay $8 for a 'fast-food' salad again. I picked up a Lindt dark chocolate bar at the mall and ate a few pieces (less than a serving - only about a fifth of the bar) while wrapping presents. I don't even like dark chocolate, but it was sensational. Chicken parm (no pasta) for din-din.

Sunday ... baked all day with Mom. The kitchen was full to the brim with cookies. I only had a few nibbles along the way, not even an entire cookie. But then I got home to unload my share and ate a chunk of Toblerone fudge. BAD! (But totally worth the guilt.) Didn't really eat lunch on Sunday (just snacked on cheese, turkey, pickles, celery) and had a chicken fajita salad for dinner.

On Saturday I was a little over 177 lbs. My first goal is to be 175 by New Year's. My next goal is 160 by Leanna's wedding in May. I can do it!!

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