Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Three whole weeks!

I have been on the Diet for three weeks now!

These past few days I have been feeling a little 'blocked up' if you know what I mean. It feels like there's some extra 'stuff' sitting in my abdomen that just doesn't want to go anywhere. It must be from the cereal and berries, so I'm hoping my system adjusts because I was feeling great the first two weeks.

Not much else to report today. I ended up waiting until we got home from the hospital last night (9:30-ish) to eat dinner so I whipped up a salad and, of course, had my dessert.

We are supposed to go to the gym tonight, but there have been some complications (my shoes being left at home, for example) so we'll see. It's a lot tougher getting to the gym when it's not across the street or even in the same town.

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