Sunday, December 03, 2006

Day 18 ... long time, no update!

I'm back after a brief hiatus. We moved over the weekend and we have finally settled into our new home. It's... cozy. The main living area and kitchen/dining room are actually very spacious, but we are severely lacking in storage space. We no longer have the luxury of a second bedroom, two storage rooms or even a linen closet. We will also miss our bath tub and oven. Can you believe it? No oven! There are perks to our new apartment - it's in a nice neighbourhood, minutes from the mall (yay shopping!); it's an above-ground basement and our door opens to the backyard, which backs on to the golf course; we get tons of light; the kitchen is huge; we get way more channels than we had when we were paying for our own cable. Most of all, we are saving tons of money for our new house, which closes next December!

Anyway, about the Diet... today is Day 18. Thursday and Friday were tough because we were in the middle of moving and I actually didn't eat enough, but I managed not to cheat! We unpacked and got groceries yesterday so I have been able to get back into a routine with my meals and snacks. I have introduced cereal for breakfast and I'm loving that! I chose All Bran Honey Nut Flavour, which has 11 g of fibre and 8 g of sugar per serving, acceptable on SBD.

Instead of cereal this morning, I had "mock pancakes" made with eggs, ricotta cheese, sweetener and cinnamon. Topped with no-sugar-added syrup, they were very similar to regular pancakes and pretty darn good.

I almost forgot!! I weighed in this morning at 179 lbs!!! I have lost 11 lbs on the Diet so far, and 27 lbs this year. Woohoo!!

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Anonymous said...

That's so great!!! You must feel fantastic. Keep on posting...i'm on Day 1 of Phase 1.