Saturday, June 07, 2008

Week in review

Wednesday night I was able to get out for a 10K in the evening and it went much better that Monday's run. I suppose the bad runs just make us appreciate the good ones even more.

This weekend summer is here in full force. The last two days have been well into the 'uncomfortable' temps at over 30C, which I wouldn't mind if we had air conditioning! Thankfully, that will be rectified this week. Installation on Friday! We toyed with the idea of saving some dough and holding off for this summer, but we can barely handle it already and it's only the beginning of June. Not to mention the thought of coming home from a 3+ hour run in the middle of July to a scorching hot house. Noooo thank you! So comfort will be restored very soon. Phew!

Speaking of hot and uncomfortable, I met a couple friends to run this trail this morning. 9:30 quickly became 10:30 by the time we were out the door and it was already about 32C by that point. The sun was scorching, the air was thick; I guess this is what we have in store for the coming months. I'm going to have to start waking up earlier for weekend runs! We managed to run 8.5K and walked the last 1.5 back to the car. Not bad...

Mud Run is tomorrow. I'm not sure what to expect, except that we should "Wear grungy clothes and old runners - because more than likely they won't be going home with you.". It should be a great time, but it is also going to be HOT. Between the weather and the various obstacles along the course, we are certainly not looking for a PR.

I better go figure out what I'm going to wear and get my butt to bed!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

i wasn't sure with the ankle if you were still doing this... hope it's a blast! can't wait to read the race report, and hoping the rain holds off till about 11 or later, so neither of us get drenched! have fun!

anners said...

How was the Mud Run? Hey, I tagged you!