Friday, October 03, 2008

Mission Accomplished! What now?

Back in March '07 when I had the crazy idea to run a half-marathon and changed the name of my blog to reflect that, I never even imagined that it would become a Mission to a Marathon just a year or so later.

And look at me now!

There is no doubt in my mind that there will be many marathons in the future and this is only the beginning of a long journey.

So what the heck should I call my blog now??? I'm taking suggestions. But don't even bother suggesting Mission to an ULTRA Marathon ... it's not gonna happen.

Went for a 5K recovery run (bang on 6:00 pace) yesterday and my legs felt fan-freaking-tastic. I'm having some pain in my right foot (muscle along the outside) but it's bearable, and hopefully getting better. Probably take today off and see how it feels tomorrow. I'm loving the cool crisp autumn temps (high of 12C today!) and just want to get out there and keep on running.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

glad to see you're feeling great! that's amazing! hmmmm, not sure about a suggestion for your title, mine would have been the ultra marathon one LOL

Marci said...

Mmm, I'm not sure what to suggest, but I can't wait to read about what you decide to train for next!

Marcy said...

Triathlons? Duathlons?

Road Warrior said...

Never say never on the ultras. You probably said never about the marathon. How quickly things change.

Marcy has a good idea... something to switch it up from just pure running.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments. It has made a big diffence thoughout the past few days!

I'm so glad that you are enjoying running after the marathon! Maybe there is a Tri in your future?

Aron said...

mission to another marathon?? :)

glad you are feeling great! i had random side foot pain the week after the marathon but it caused me to take 2 weeks off. bleh. hope yours goes away!