Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The List

I think most (all?) runners have a list of marathons (or other races) that we'd like to complete in our lifetime. With the New York City Marathon coming up this weekend, it has me thinking about my list. Some are realistic, some not so much. Here it is.


It falls just three weeks after Toronto's other premiere event, the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, and from what I've heard offers a much more scenic (and challenging) course and usually more favourable weather conditions.

Niagara Falls
The only marathon in the world that starts in one country and finishes in another. After reading Marci's report I am even more excited about this one.

I'm pretty sure it's one of the best around for crowd support, and it's in our nation's capital. I've never even been there!

I've never ventured west of Ontario (within Canada) but would love to see British Columbia. I've been told Vancouver is a must-do for Canadians.


the obvious one: New York City
New York is my favourite place I have ever visited. It's an amazing city and this would be an event like no other.

Earlier this year I watched Spirit of the Marathon and left the theatre knowing I had to run Chicago one day.

San Francisco (Women's)
Chocolate on the course, probably the most stylish race tee, a Tiffany finisher's necklace, firefighters and all kinds of other girlie amenities, all in a beautiful city. What more could a girl ask for?

Walt Disney World Marathon
Need I say more?

A girl can dream.

Far & Away

My hubby was born and raised in England. Last year I spent a week in London with my Mom (thank you radio contest!) and had the time of my life. I love the city and what better way to embrace it?

Gold Coast

Great Wall of China
This is my big goal. Of the world's adventure marathons, it's the one I want to complete. I first had the idea about a year ago and hubby and I actually considered planning it for 2009. We poured over budgets and itineraries and were pretty serious about it, but in the end we decided to put it off for now. But mark my words: we will do it one day.

So, what's on your list?


Heather said...

Nice dream list - I too would love to run the Great Wall. I studies in China 10 years ago, so I've walked it, but didn't run . . . Hope you get to check some of those off!

BeachRunner said...

I love your list. I am not a marathoner, but I definitely need to create a "places/races I want to run" list asap.

Chic Runner said...

I so want to do the San Fran Marathon too! That one and the LA marathon are two I must do in my life!

J said...

Thats a pretty awesome list!! I hope you get to run all of them!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Niagara has always been the one that intrigued me the most... if i were to do a marathon one day, that's definitely on my list. Glad to see i'm not the only one who hasn't been to Vancouver... my bro lives there, maybe we should plan a road trip and a run? LOL Great list though, I remember your post about China, that would be amazing, but I think Australia would also be on my list. Great post!

Gotta Run..... said...

I have had fun planning and thinking about 2009. As of right now we are only signed up for Disney 2009 but there is much more to come!!

Road Warrior said...

Oh you are sooo addicted.

Julianne said...

I love your list! Mine are very very similar! For starters, I want to do one day:

NYC Marathon
Chicago Marathon
Kauai Marathon (or any Hawaii one, actually)
Portaland Marathon
Paris Marathon
Niagra Falls Marathon
Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon

Marcy said...

Great list chica! ;D

Niagara is DEF on my list . . .maybe next year?!? We shall see . . .

Jess said...

Good list.

Aron said...

hmmmm my list :)

i am sure the list could go on forever :)

Carly said...

Great List.

If I can ever get to that distance again. I would do:

RnR San Diego
Boston (in my dreams)
Grandma's and Twin Cities...gotta stay loyal

These are just a few.

Runner Leana said...

London for sure is on my list! As is the Marathon du Medoc - run through Bordeaux wine country, sip wine along route from all the chateaus, then get a bottle and a medal when you cross the finish line? Sign me up!

Marci said...

Great post!
I have soooo many I want to do!

Boston (someday)
New York
Big Sur (California)
PEI marathon
San Franscisco
Running With the Horses
Cincinatti Flying Pig
Mardi Gras Marathon
Great Wall of China

I would love to try as many as possible.

Marci said...

Oh yeah I forgot

Hamilton (LOL)

Unknown said...

Nice list. I would have to say Chicago's is up there on my list also. Of course my wife wants me to run Paris. I think that's more about her though. I would also like to do any of the Hawaii marathons.

Sarah said...

New York. That is the only one I think I MIGHT do someday LOL!

Laura said...

I just did Niagara and it was awesome! Next year I'm doing Disney and New York and can't wait :)

yumke said...

Start applying for NYC next year.. if you get rejected 3 consecutive years, you're in on the fourth...

or you could buy a travel package (not what I'm going to do)