Thursday, December 23, 2010

Athlete's Plate: Mmmm, I'm Hungry!

Do you know Jason over at Life of an Aspiring Athlete? If not, you should!

Each week Jason runs a feature called the Athlete's Plate where he creates a custom meal plan (complete with recipes and photos) for a lucky blogger/athlete using tidbits of information he collects via thorough stalking research procedures.

This week, I'm the lucky athlete thanks to a nomination by SUAR! And now I get to nominate one of you for next week's edition, so leave a comment and let me know if you'd like to be considered. I accept bribes!

But first - click over and see what Jason thinks this canuck should be eating!

Thanks Jason!!!


Teamarcia said...

Gotta love the changing room oatmeal bars! Consider me for nomination please, I can use a fresh menu.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That is awesome!! Those meals look so delicious and healthy! Please nominate meeeeee!!!

Aron said...

soooo awesome!!! i want to be nominated, i can be seriously food challenged and eat the SAME THING over and over :)

lish said...

oooh...that would be so awesome! I would LOVE to be nominated!!!

Anonymous said...

What an honor! Boy...the food looks yummy. Now if only you can find someone to prepare it for you.... ;)

Lindsay said...

why i should be selected:

1) i am a hip-hop artist. do you want to be in my entourage at the grammy's or no?
2) i spent the time, effort and money to mail you something across the border. hello, expensive. and did you mail me a card? nooooo. so this is how you can make it up to me.
3) you have not mailed me m&m's in awhile. so this can make up for that too.
4) i will need music-video girlzzz for my upcoming hits, you could be one!
5) i mean hello, i could have stopped with reason #1.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I need a kick start! This sounds very interesting, almost like a science experiment.

Laura said...

I would so love this. I am stuck in a serious rut as far as nutrition goes and needs that final kick in the pants.

Jason said...

Marlene - this is seriously awesome. I appreciate you putting the word out and allowing me to find other bloggers out there looking for recipes for themselves. It is truly inspiring and allows me to continue to explore my cooking side.

To everybody else - good luck at getting nominated. And I look forward to following the nominee as well as following all of your journeys through life.

Inspiring and Motivating.

Merry Christmas

Marlene - you can email me at If you can have it by Monday that would be great.

Richelle said...

I'd love to be nominated. Why? Because I love Canada and I love your blog! :)

Actually, the real reason is because my eating habits definitely need to improve in 2011. I'm not happy about the "holiday weight" I've gained.

I really do love Canada and your blog, though!

RunToTheFinish said...

neato bandito, I totally need someone to get me back on track