Monday, December 13, 2010

How to burn a bajillion calories in one weekend

After spending Friday night prepping the house for painting, I created a little makeshift breakfast nook for myself Saturday morning by pushing the two couches together in the middle of the room and plunking an upside-down coffee table on top as a hard surface.

Before getting too comfortable, I was off to the gym for a run and workout. I left the car in the gym parking lot and set out for an 11K run. It was a nice mild morning and I was waaaay over-dressed. I even saw one guy out running in shorts! In December! In Canada! I had a great run and found myself back the gym before I knew it ... on to round 2!

I grabbed my bag from the car and headed inside to change and eat a quick snack before Bootcamp. Class was great, as usual, but all I could think as I squatted, lunged and inchworm-ed my way through the stations was "I was 3 gallons of paint waiting at home; I hope I don't regret this!"

Once class had finished, I booted home and got ready to get down to business. Hubs, unfortunately, was not feeling well. (He had been at a work party the night before; I'll let you use your imagination as to why he was not feeling so hot. grumble grumble) I ended up sending him back to bed, turning on some music and getting started on my own.

Painting clothes are so attractive, aren't they?

I quickly found a groove and actually enjoyed myself. Anyone else find painting to be very therapeutic? So I painted and painted and painted some more, taking a few short breaks in between. After about 4.5 hours, the first coat was complete!

It ended up being a nice quiet evening. I hung out in my little "breakfast nook" for a while before eventually joining hubs in the bedroom to watch a Christmas movie.

Sunday morning came all too early... my legs, back and shoulders were definitely talking to me and I had a big run on deck. I made my way slowly and stiffly through the morning routine before hubs and I met up with our training group for a long run.

It was another mild morning (slightly above freezing = mild) and wet snow was falling but not accumulating on the wet roads. I was actually pretty comfortable in two long sleeve tops and a light windbreaker layer, except for the fact that I was soaking wet within minutes.

It would continue to snow/rain for the duration of our run and the roads became more slippery/sloppy/slushy as we went along. As we trudged up some of the more significant ski hills "undulations", I was certain we were making more progress sliding backwards than forwards.

Everyone was suffering quite a bit since it was taking so much more effort to simply move forward, and the torturously "scenic" (read: hilly) route certainly wasn't helping. The majority of the group decided to take a short cut back to the store, while only 4 of us (hubs, myself and 2 others) trudged on for the full distance. Even coach decided to turn back early - probably the first time in all the years I have run with him that I've seen him cut a run short. (I made sure to tease him about this thoroughly after the run.)

Finally, after running the majority of the last 5K into a wet and snowy headwind, we made it back to the store. I had been chasing after hubs and another fast-foot and managed to log some pretty impressive splits (including a few in the 5:00/KM [8:00/mile] range), especially given the conditions.

27.0 KM (16.8mi) - 2:32:09 - 5:38/KM (9:04/mi)

This run definitely falls under the "character-building" category... and I'm not even technically training yet! I was sore all over, mostly from the previous day's activities, and dreaded the thought of going home to finish painting.

After catching up with the gang back at the store, I quickly felt chilled to the bone and we hurried home... with one quick pit stop on the way:

Hubs was gung-ho and ready to help on day 2, but I had a major lapse in judgement had decided I wanted to finish the job on my own, even though every muscle in my body was hurting. (He was on stand-by for back-up and took care of some other chores in the meantime).

I was definitely less enthused to start the second coat, but ready to get the job done.

My hair looks awesome like this, doesn't it? :/

It felt like the second coat took forever. In reality, it was about another 4 hours. I took a lot more breaks because I was exhausted and hurting from head to toe. I may have vowed never to paint again. But mercifully, the job was eventually done. Hubs touched up the trim where I had been sloppy where necessary while I rinsed brushes.

Today we'll finish cleaning up and get the rooms put back together. And then finally I can put up the Christmas tree! What a job. "After" pictures will follow.

The reward for two days of hard work? Every Canadian's favourite at Christmas:

HBBC Week of Dec.4-10

Dec. 4 - run (15.8), F&V (1) = 16.8
Dec. 5 - run (3.1), F&V (1) = 4.1
Dec. 6 - 0
Dec. 7 - run (5), 20 mins. weights (1), Spin (6), F&V (1) = 13
Dec. 8 - run (9.7), F&V (1) = 10.7
Dec. 9 - run (6), Spin (4), weights (1), F&V (1) = 12
Dec. 10 - run (3.1), F&V (1) = 4.1 

Ongoing Tally Week of Dec. 11-17
Dec. 11 - run (6.8), Bootcamp (4) = 10.8
Dec. 12 - run (16.8)


Anonymous said...

wow busy busy weekend!
great job on ur runs and all the painting. wanna come paint my new condo?

Teamarcia said...

I cannot imagine that kind of run after the workout/painting you did on Sunday! Definitely a bajillion cals! Love the breakfast nook!

Emz said...


I LIKE your painting clothes. awesome.

As for . . .""character-building" runs. I think that catergory in MY file is a little full. ;)

You're awesome.

Runners Fuel said...

What a weekend! Really french fries? They are yummy, but look out of place in that meal.

dawn @ running the dawn said...

wow, i'm completely exhausted just reading about your weekend. way to get in some super solid workouts along with your painting. i can't even imagine how tired you must be...

Heather said...

Big weekend! I feel the same way about painting - love it during the first coat, ready to kill someone during the second coat. :)

Anonymous said...

Geeeeze girl! 1) YES your hair does look awesome like that ;) and 2) you deserve a rest day! And a well-painted house. :)

Jill said...

I think that's hysterical that your laptop is next to your ladder :).

Looks like a blasty weekend!!!

RunKathyRun said...

I am tired just reading this :-)

Anonymous said...

SOunds like a busy weekend! I do think painting is theraputic and a great workout! You rock!

Heidi said...

I'm guessing that's Swiss Chalet? If so, I've never been there - hahaha. Love me a little Timmy Ho's though!

Painting is tough work. I have to paint my daughter's room soon, and probably one of our rental houses too - ugh.

Sounds like a challenging run for sure, but you still held an awesome pace. Very impressive!

Anne said...

Seriously, you are my hero!!! :) What a weekend!

ShutUpandRun said...

You must have been completely exhausted. Well deserved sprinkle donut!!

Still Running said...

Mmmm. Festive special. I would rather get a second job at Swiss Chalet to pay for a painter than do it myself. Good job!

Jamie said...

I'm in awe! That is some major booty busting and motivation. You rock! And Congrats on finishing up the big painting job. I can't stand painting anymore!

Jess said...

That is quite the active weekend!

I like painting a big room, but hate, hate bathrooms and kitchens: too many small spaces and things to paint around.

Denise said...

oh man, i hate painting. you enjoyed that too much!! nice job on the run and then boot camp!

ajh said...

You are a hard worker!

I think your mild is also my mild!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the after pics!

Awesome job on the run too! It sounded slightly torcherous, but you had a great pace! Also that donut looks amazing right about now :)

Unknown said...

Cute review of your fun weekend, I love the cozy nook. I want one!
I hope you have fun putting up your holiday stuff, that's my favorite part of Christmas.

J said...

You are such a tropper! I get sick of painting after just one coat! What a weekend! Hope you can rest up during the week! And Tim Hortons too! So yummy! I love Timmy Hos!!

Richelle said...

Hmmm... I love Tim Horton's! You had a productive weekend--congrats!

Unknown said...

Poulet Palais! Love it!
What a full weekend! I'm finishing my son's room this weekend; I started it in September. Kids and running have made it impossible to get done.
And, yes, yesterday was a character-building run. Georgetown was brutal!

Lindsay said...

All that and no before/after shot? Boo maurlene.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow you get a GOLD STAR for all that painting.. Our house needs to be painted BADLY but the thought of it makes me want to pull the covers over my head.

and what a TOUGH TOUGH 16 miler.. UGH!!

Nicole said...

wow thats a lot of painting!! :) my mom keeps begging me to help her paint but its so overwhelming.... :)