Thursday, December 07, 2006

I cheated!

There was a minor incident with a Wendy's chicken finger and some honey last night.... but it was only one bite. And it was a YUMMY bite.

We didn't make it to the gym last night and I'll spare you the various lame excuses that I have. Haven't been to the gym in well over a week. Yikes. Mark and I did get our for a brisk (and snowy) walk around the neighbourhood, so at least I got some exercise.

I've decided that I get to weigh myself tomorrow, five days since the last time. Hopefully I will have some good news tomorrow... I could use the motivation to get through yet another bagel day. Plus, one of our clients is treating the company to catered lunch tomorrow, so I know there will be tons of yummies that I can't even touch.


Dinner last night was 'mock chicken parmesan' which basically consisted of a chicken breast lightly coated in egg white, then parmesan, basil & oregano, browned in oil for a few minutes per side, then baked with tomato sauce. Would have been better over a mound of pasta, but it was good nonetheless!

Tonight I am going to the gym (for real this time!) and we are going to visit Sarah, Colin and Baby Connor (yay!). We need groceries so we will probably just stop and grab something on the way home - maybe a Quizno's salad.

I'll leave you with an idea of what 27 lbs looks like on me.

Here is a highly unflattering photo from January and one taken yesterday. Yeah baby!

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