Thursday, November 15, 2007

Killer Hiller

Our clinic run was 6K last night. The program calls for 3K on Wednesday and 3K on Thursday, but everyone in the group agreed to modify the program from 5 runs/week to 4, so two runs are combined. I'm not sure how we'll handle it once hill start on Wednesdays in a couple weeks, because we will not be able to take on KM's to hill training. Mark and I run at least once and sometimes twice in addition to our 3 clinic runs, so it doesn't really affect us anyway.

Anyway, the run was good. We encountered the brutal hill from Sunday again. It's on Bexhill Road - appropriately named! It got us talking about naming hills, particularly Heartbreak Hill in the Boston Marathon and Giv'er Hill in the Blue Nose Marathon. We want to name one in particular in our area that I've mentioned before. It's a killer. Maybe I'll name her Killer Hiller.

We started out at the back of the pack (after Tuesday night, I wanted to start off slow!) but caught up around the half way point. Most of the group was doing 10&1's so we ended up passing them on a walk break, but they caught up again and we all finished together. It was pretty cool. We all gave each other high 5's when we finished. We have a good group and we're starting to get to know some people. It helps to have the extra encouragement, and just talking to a bunch of people with similar goals.

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