Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hurts so good

I'm walking a little funny today! Last night I went out and ran 10.5KM - my longest since the 1/2 marathon (a whole month ago already! can you believe it? I can't!) The route has a few good hills - one in particular at the 5K mark. It's a brutal 20m climb over only 200m. Ouch! Thankfully, there's a stop light at the top that's almost always red. ;) It took me just over an hour, without pausing the watch at stop lights.

It was an absolutely beautiful day (I love this weather!), the sun setting (it was pitch black by the time I got home) and I had a great run. I was all dressed up in my newest Running Room digs, thanks to gift cards from Sarah & Colin and Leanna & Shane from my Birthday, and I was lovin' it.

But yeah, my legs are a-hurtin' today!

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