Thursday, November 29, 2007

An "off" day

Sometimes you just have an off day. Yesterday, I was SO off. It was an extremely difficult 6 KM. I couldn't keep my breath, my legs (and everything) were killing me and I was low on energy. The first 2 KM's went okay but the rest were brutal. Didn't help that we were running into the wind for a good stretch and there were a lot of inclines. Not to mention very icy, snowy sidewalks. The worst part is, we were running in the subdivision where we live and I was so tempted to just hang a right and head home to the warmth and comfort of my couch! I dug deep, found some willpower and kept on going. Reluctantly, I took a brief walk break (<1 min.) to gather some strength to finish the run, which actually helped quite a bit.

At the end of the run there was a nice (read: nasty) hill leading back to the Running Room. My hubby could tell I had ZERO juice left so what does he do? He goes behind me and actually pushes me up the hill! I have the best husband in the world. I wonder if he would push me through an entire marathon?

I am taking tonight off (and maybe tomorrow too) for a few reasons. I'm still feeling pretty tired and sore so either yesterday really did me in or one day rest (Monday) was not enough. We have the Santa Shuffle on Saturday so I want to be feeling good for that and a 9K Sunday morning. Besides that, I have had a pretty bad week at work, I feel like I might be getting sick (hope not!) and I am PMS'ing. So yeah, I am taking a break. And that's that. :)

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Christy said...

We all have those 'off' days, where what should be so easy is so incredibly hard!

Good luck with the Shuffle. I chickened out of ours since it is -25 (-30 with the wind chill). Too cold for me, oh well next year I guess.