Thursday, November 08, 2007

Treadmill woes

Last night I ran 6 KM on the treadmill and came to the decision that from now on, all runs >5KM will be completed OUTSIDE. It is so freaking boring! And because there is so little distraction, I find myself concentrating on the tiniest cramps and pains, which I normally woulkd not even notice. And then there's the sweat factor! I sweat like a mofo on the treadmill and since there's no breeze to blow it off my face, I am absolutely dripping the entire time. Sometimes I feel like I'm wiping my face with the towel every 30 seconds. So I'll do my shorter runs and speedwork at the gym, but otherwise I will do them outside. Unless it's minus 30 degrees. Sometimes this may mean running outside AND going to the gym for weights in one night, but I will make it happen.

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Christy said...

I can only do about 5k myself on the treadmill. Plus the 5k is harder than 10k outside. I want to run outside, but am such a baby with the cold right now...I want spring.